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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
My God Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kat, United States Dec 1, 2007
Education , Human Rights , Culture   Poetry


My God is with me every second
He heals me when I am hurt
I know He feels sorrow and sympathy
When my dreams fall and hit the dirt

He made me who I was
He made me who I am
He is both strong and gentle
Both Lion and Lamb

People tell me I shouldn't worship him
They tell me he's not real
Or they say I should reject him
Because he causes the pain that I feel

But I tell you now, there is a God
And He watches over me
I was lost and scared without Him
But with Him I am Free

Sometimes He lets bad things happen
Because He knows I'll make it through
My God loves and cares for me
Why don't you let Him care for you?



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Writer Profile

Hey Everyobody! I'm kinda new at the whole writing thing. I mean, I write poems for myself, but this is my first time writing stuff that will be published. Well, I hope you enjoy my writing and understand what I have to say. I write about what I care about, and I hope you see and share the passion I have.

Great writing
Babalola Olumide | Mar 31st, 2008
Your writing is inspirational, Kat. You'll touch several lives positively if you continue like this, Keep the ball rolling.

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