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No to racism Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by snyamhuno, South Africa Nov 30, 2007
Media , Culture , Human Rights   Poetry


You say you see no color.
I say you're full of it!*
I hope when you look at me
you see black a little bit,
for when you say you see me
how can that really be
when part of who I am
is my ethnicity?

I like my hair, my skin tone,
I like my heritage;
It influences my art
enriches how I live.
I like your hair and color
and even your eyes too,
one of my favorite hues is
that lovely shade of blue.

But I wouldn't want to be you,
I like myself just fine,
and don't want you to be me;
we'll both get there in time.
I know you like Scott Joplin,
and I love a Bernstein score,
I love good gumbo and pot pies,
one flavor'd be a bore.

When we escape these bodies,
and meet at heaven's gate,
then we can say no color,
We'll have nothing to debate.
We'll be at peace in truth,
and understand all things,
but until then let's be real...
Enjoy what difference brings!
And until that day in glory
when we are truly one,
let's love ourselves in color,
not pretend that we see none.

Consider what it means,
to love without condition,
it means to see all sides of me,
yet love is your decision.
To be high but lay down low,
and love beyond yourself
is the best way to love others,
and have spiritual wealth.
But to claim you see no color,
and smile like all is fine
is to say you don't see wholely
and if so, we see you're blind.



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Writer Profile

I am Shepherd Nyamhuno, aged 24. I live in Zimbabwe and am completing my degree. As a Christian I believe I am my brothers' keeper and that I must have some interest in the welfare of our human race.

The racism it is not with anithing
Luciana Rolim Costa | Jan 4th, 2008
It is very sad to see I eat a lot of people that treat the other ones with indifference still exist, be because of the color or of any other factor. As it would be good if all the people really took in consideration that Jesus says in the Bible " to love the neighbor as to ourselves ", the racism would not exist like this. It is good to see that people that believe in the human being capacity exist and with certainty you belong one to them. We cannot change the people of the night for the day, but we can be our part, and you make yours. That text is not just a beautiful text, but he/she brings the most conscious message than it is in other words " THE RACISM it IS NOT WITH ANYTHING ". Congratulations.

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