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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Human Rights   Poetry


Eight Indians on the run,
Fifty Neonazis behind them.
'Deutschland den Deutschen,
Ausländer raus!
Hier regiert der nationale Widerstand!'
Roars from the throats of the Neos,
Beer in their blood,
Defiance in their sanguine eyes.

The puls races,
Adrenalin surges in the veins:
Fight or flight.
Naked angst.
No one helps,
They just look on,
Like Bertold Brecht would say.
As the Jews were beated and transported,
To Auschwitz, Gürs or alsewhere.
The Indians run as fast
As their legs can carry them.
'Jaldi bhago!
Zindagi bachau!

The bald headed, overfed, pink Neos
Overrun the scared Indians.
What follows is the bashing
Of the underdogs in the German society.
Of migrants who love Deutschland.
Their only crime,
The colour of their complexion.
The police of Saxony's Mügeln come,
But are hesistant about the xenophobia
That has broken out.
The rightists agitate conspiratively,
Said the Verfassungsschutz in 2006.

In Mügeln
Akin to Hoyerswerda and Mölln.
The ethnic Germans peer and look away
At the brutality and intolerance
Unfurling before their eyes.
The teuro, the joblessness in the East
Has made them indifferent and complacent.

Give us more money to integrate the Neos,
In families, schools, communities,
Say some politicians.
Federalism and democracy is not inaction,
Where intolerance and racism rears its ugly head.
It happens from Mügeln to Mainz.
Anti-discrimination laws alone
Help neither the Wessies nor the Ossies.
A mental metamorphosis is in demand.
Have we Germans learned from history?
Haben wir, die Bürger, aus der Geschichte gelernt?
Alas, we've become complacent again.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Are striving for an European cultural identity,
Where foreign traditions and culture
Are the essence of togetherness,
Of Miteinander.
The enclaves of intolerance should remain
Ghosts of the past.
Liberalism, democracy, civilisation and society
Should be the order of the day.
Mental changes in our thinking processes,
Not mental molotovs,
Should be the cry of the day.



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Writer Profile
Satis Shroff: Lecturer, Author, Poet, Singer(MGV-Kappel) Germany

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Great alliteration.
GLJohnson | Feb 29th, 2008
I like the idea of mental metamorphosis VS. mental molotovs... I may quote you on that one, Satis Shroff.

mithun c | Mar 2nd, 2008
painful reality isnt it?sometimes i too hard to believe that we are humans "the so called superior species of the planet"

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