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From 'When I' to 'If I' Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by 'Jide, Nigeria Nov 15, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


The response of the majority is continually digressing from 'when I' to 'if I'.

It was 'when I':
When the common man was sure of at least two meals in a day;
When the common could sleep with his two eyes closed;
When the common man could wake up knowing full well that his job was secured.
But all of these have changed!

Changed to 'if I':
When a man is not sure of one meal in day;
When a man is not sure of his safety-
Even in the midst of security operatives;
When a man is not sure of waking up to meet his job intact.

Our society is gradually moving away from
When I grow up;
When I finish eating;
When I wake up;
When I get a job;

If I grow up;
If I finish eating;
If I wake up;
If I get a job.

Lets ask ourselves-
For how long shall we operate
In the realm of 'if I'?



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Writer Profile

My name is Jinadu Babajide Oluwafemi.

'Jide is a reserved, quiet person. He likes to get to the bottom of things - curiosity is one of his strongest motives. He wants to know what holds the world together deep down inside. He does not really need much more to be happy because he is a modest person. Many mathematicians, philosophers and scientists belong to this type. He loathes contradictions and illogicalness; with his sharp intellect, he quickly and comprehensively grasps patterns, principles and structures. He is particularly interested in the fundamental nature of things and theoretical findings; for him, it is not necessarily a question of translating these into practical acts or in sharing his considerations with others. The analytical thinker likes to work alone; his ability to concentrate is more marked than that of all other personality types. He is open for and interested in new information.

'Jide Oluwafemi Jinadu | Aug 16th, 2008
keep it up man

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