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Minority Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Samuel, United Kingdom Nov 13, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


I have a new name
They call me Minority
They say we are not the same
There is not much of me around
To make a uniform mix
So on my application
I am a minority
But then who is the Majority
You never hear them say
Apparently they are more than me
And they don’t need jobs too
Too many minority unemployed
Said the minority report
So now I am employed
And the Majority not
But now what do I do
I see a form in front of me
A man with 3 children
No wife, no home
He wants a simple Janitor Job
But wait
We Can’t
He’s the Majority
How Ironic



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Writer Profile

I'm 26 years old.
And this is my creed.
My voice is a tool in destiny's toolbox.
My words are the ammo of providence's slingshot.
My thoughts are the paths in fate's journey,
My intentions projections of success divine.
I write because I choose to speak
of the things the cause the world to spin.
I write because I can
and i believe my words will someday make an impact.
I'm not an agent of change as some many conclude or think.
I'm just the wind that blows and spreads the forest fire.
Join me and together we can walk to destiny's dream.

Love to all
I'm not a poet
I'm just me
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