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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
We are Challenged! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Henry Ekwuruke, Nigeria Nov 9, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


We are Challenged! In the world of the poverty of the youth of Africa
People rise to make history but are told
In the manner of appreciation in a unified language:
One people, one generation, one destiny

Our place is the future that our minds occupy.
Vengeance, merit of our heroes; remembered, our heroines.
We want to make history ourselves in this present.
Following the footsteps of our elders, we discover new worlds!

The uncommon never ceases to inhabit the human race,
Our race that is moving against time and tide.
Remain at the place and see the clock is faster;
Run with the time and be counted in the population.

Population is not about numbers again,
But about people that count and still count.
The hearts of our fore-bearers have visited us,
Informing us that the difference is in us.
Within us we have the potential to be, still we can!

To move forward in our area without movement,
Recognizing the virtue of hard work our challenge.
Collecting our merits to undo the mediocrity in us,
We remain challenged to make our generation a case.
Separating facts from figures, our future shouts!

Let’s develop our skills and cooperate.
Our abilities lie in the valley and in hands that are soiled.
Moving ourselves forward in our trust,
Dust has ceased to be our friend and our curse.

But this generation remains unperturbed in adversaries.
We know our future is brighter.
Seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel,
We rejoiced because we made the right decision.
Together – we develop!



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Writer Profile
Henry Ekwuruke

Henry Ekwuruke is Executive Director of the Development Generation Africa International.
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