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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Teat of Information Technology Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by michelle, Philippines Nov 9, 2007
Education , Peace & Conflict , Technology   Poetry


Teat of Information Technology I was babysat by advertisements
and cartoons,
in a land directed by hooded captains of software copyright
blanketed by a ratio of household laptops to PCs
ranked 2:1.

I wade in and between Philippines and US
shaking off the
unlikeliness of a democratic messenger
crouching in a machine
unaware of the tired kin hand-layering keyboard innards

Akong dugu (my blood) condenses in a calcite archipelago
a fledging democracy
spotted with human fields typing on
hand-me-down computers leaking,
hissing the American English of Sir Gates

multinationals relish in my urban sisters’
full reification, and
flaunt their looted, eloquent 5 ft 2 inch-
I. T.
cash crops.

continental cartels’ puerile greed
intellectual property pirates:
incarnators of educational equality

Two barangays (villages) north
an internet café (a portal of otherness)
is the air-conditioned refuge
from urban Cebu’s stormwater cataracts

Wide eyes and fidgety digits fill a
computer screen
with their own brain-babies,
and sexual plays

Upland from urbania, to rural Cebu’s Oslob
She guides a maid’s elbow and wrist
to alters the space and letter with a mouse

This is mine.
An eggshell democracy
oozing out industrialists betting on illiteracy
birthing poets slash IT cashcrops and
bearing Friendster addicts cum activist bloggers.



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Writer Profile

My name is Michelle Domocol. I was born and raised in the East Coast of the US. Currently I live in Cebu, Philippines. I have been writing poetry since I was eight years old. I found this art a melodious and also cacaphonic way to appreciate and process gender & identity politics, my trauma with past and current colionalism, and my miscellaneous passions. I wish you peace and true Empowerment!!
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