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The jam Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ochogo, Kenya Nov 7, 2007
Environment , Peace & Conflict , Technology   Poetry


As I sit in this matatu yawning and wongering
When was last i wasn't stuck in a jam so lingering
Shiny and bright headlights shines
red, grean reflectors lits as breaks whines
Oh, this reminds me I am in a highway
My brother all of us at a time we have been caught in our way
struggling to pave way through this valley so dark and black
And then I heard, the planners are quarelling
Oh, no they are fighting,
but the council so powerful,
this people who felel they so wonderful
as such to control all state resources
and then fail to control the most of the precious resources: time
My sister, the time we spend and eat,
the time in which our metallic machines use to consume fuel to heat
such that the time is increased as the tax increase
my fellow urbanites, the time we sit in this damn trafic jam!
But then I have a solution; next time



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Writer Profile

Architecture student, poetic in style of rendering art and architectural work. Writing as a hobby in which we copy our brain. Innovation and technology is with us thus taken an interest. Inspired by great artists like Michelangelo. Leonardo and the poetics of place including works of William Wordsworth. We are all architects as we tend to look and see.
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