by Ritchie Felix
Published on: Nov 3, 2007
Type: Opinions

I strongly believe that African youth need close financial assistance to reach the grassroots where very much human capital is wasting away. Just about 20% of African youth have access to a computer, let alone one connected to the internet. I am raising this opinion as a lament for the wider world to take note of, so that it may reach out to African youth at the grassroots and tap this latent potential. This is with regards to achieving the poverty target of the first Millenium Development Goal.

African youth are torn apart by incessant violent wars, which sacrifice the destiny of close to 115 million young people to the sentiments and corruption of tyrants in public office. The time has come to give the young people of this region a voice, so that the wider world may come to their emancipation. This alone will go a long way in giving campaigns for the actualization of MDGs in African a good chance of success.

Look at what is happening in South Africa right now. You will see that the largest proportion of victims of violence consists of young people. Also, do not forget in a hurry that it is also young vibrant Africans that are unleashed to inflict injury upon others. How long before young people learn the common wisdom that we can make a change if we so wish. We carry the ballot boxes for elections, we do the actual manipulation of the election statistics and we serve as thugs during elections. There is hardly anything that happens successfully without our due contribution. We constitute the larger force that can positively help to actualize the MDGs. Friends, think about this naked truth!

The actualization of the MDGs on the continent will go a long way in repositioning us in all ramifications. It will serve as leverage for young people across the globe to build their nations. Remember, no one talks about building global competitiveness in the time of war or violence. Neither the economy nor the general polity gets better at such a time. Schools are closed down, children lose their parents and some are sacrificed to the gods and goddesses of war. We lose contact with the reality of the day during war.

Let’s say goodbye to violence and welcome to the peace and good governance that will engender the actualization of MDGs in Africa.

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