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The other Face of the Earth Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Chisomaga, Nigeria Oct 30, 2007
Media , Health , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Where we face the worms that ransack our stomach with pride, dignity and audacity.
In the other part of this, we don't speak about it if we are neighbors and mind you. From the biblical point of view: "love your neighbors as you love yourselves"

Pope John Paul II told young people "that history is written primarily in the interior of the soul and it unfolds as we respond to exterior events either out of fear, hatred and humility".

From Nigeria with voice of the hungry souls that are still sprouting from the fertile soul that nepotism, thuggery, tribalism and politics is bringing malnutrition to every home front with force or you can search in the saturated society that has withered. This is the survival of the weakest.

Based on the above words, young people in Nigeria at the crossroad to choose fear, hatred or humility from each other. Out of fear and humility we want to bring food to our dinning and we are taking our destiny to bring this food with steadfast of focus and participation by our humble selves. Our calendar has no hatred as its inhabitant because we are disposing arms presently and ready to hand out and collect bouquet of green branches of olives.


My research have shown me that our beloved mentally deranged brothers some or none of them know nothing about drugs rather the worms that goes with hunger. Trying to think right with the imbalanced body, posture and vision hunger strikes to unleash madness of minds that needs no medication but good food that cures with no rivalry.

What Poverty/Hunger Reduction Strategy Paper is showing the about Nigeria is the reversed side of the whole saga. No official comes home to see us and look us directly in the eyes to take this assessment that tells the world that all is well with us human in this other face of this earth.


Our corporative union is thriving with one eye or with no sight at all. The tireless plans that brings joy to the members is only being thwarted by governmental policies. These policies have no correspondence but the telescope from the glass houses that scattered the whole of Abuja, where all her dustbin is not regarded as junk food but balanced diet with a glass of milk that we don't see from December to December but we heard that it exists in Nigeria.

What is peace, when the sounds of gun shots are echoing from the war front where the young are dying from the bullets of malnutrition and politics? Nigeria is fertile in the soil but fertility though that brings deaths in a every ten minutes of each count of 365 counts.
Among the important regional concentration of people in a low-income countries is in Africa (19.8 per cent of all youths), with the highest numbers found in Nigeria (24 million). This has nothing to do with the population and geographical allocation but the unsympathetic nature of which it may concern. We are not biased.


Coming out from our shelve will do a lot for the emancipation of the hungry souls. The open forum where we invite the person it may concern is another avenue to know what is happening to these hungry souls.

The greatest danger however lies in that fact that many of the victims of hunger seem to accept their situation as normal too. Poverty, hunger and hopelessness have become the common coin of the majority in this current generation of young people in Nigeria, who have grown used to broken promises, being failed time after time by the world and their own. Tragically a new generation is coming of age that will inherit this mix, adding anger and bitterness to it and truing it into an explosive concoction that will bear no good to human race. What will happen next is for us to decide and for history to record.



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