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Financial Aid From A Foreign Land Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Myrnajane, United States Oct 28, 2007
Human Rights   Short Stories


Financial aid from a foreign land does exist? This is a question that comes out in my head. I know a lot of people including my family back in the Philippines had been victimized of this financial aid. They were buried in a big debt due by their expenses in attending a group meeting for the said organization, “NELFE".

What does it mean and where does the organization come from? That I do not know! What I know from the source which is my family is that they are a kind of foundation that will help a less fortunate people to make a living by giving them resources [financial aid] to start their own business. These organizations are originated overseas and I don’t know where? A lot of people are very anxious about this financial aid hoping it will change their lives for the better. But everything was just a promise for nothing. As an organizer, my family was buried in debt due to their expenses .

Each time they are called for a meeting they are the one funding for their members travel expenses and any documentation that needed to be done. For more than five years now, nothing happened. Each of them is already anxious and desperate about it. They started to be hopeless and started to realize that it maybe only a scam. Speaking of scam...Is there scamming in financial aid? Why is it that when a certain organization will give aid to the needy, it will go first in a certain government organization? What if the people who run that government organization are corrupt people? I just said that because my country back home is known for its high rate of corruption.

I remembered when I was a child at 8 yrs old. We were hit by a strong hurricane and our home was damaged. Some government workers went to our home to view and recorded the damaged for the financial aid. My family expected that aid to help rebuild our home. But nothing happened, there were no financial aid that came, instead they were just called to have 3 lbs of rice.

I know that a lot of people worldwide who are in crisis and are devastated need some aid. These are the deserving people that are really needy who should get the fund, not the giant shark that is hiding under the organization, or in the government roof.



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Writer Profile

I am from the Philippines. I immigrated here in the USA for 11 yrs. I am married to an American . I have two kids, 17 and 10 yrs old. I went to college in the University of the Visayas, Cebu City, Philippines and took BSEED [Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education]. I am currently employed as a computer tech in wireless company here in the US.
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