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Know It Not Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Lynes Celeste, Philippines Oct 22, 2007
Health , Culture , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


There's something in the look of your eyes
It pulls me to you slowly but surely
Like things in the earth's gravity
To be in need of me at the center of your universe

My mind's sucked by your smile
It always loses its content
Even when your shine isn't within my reach
I am sucked all over again

I am a drop of crimson red
In a cloth of white and silk
What's still needed to work on
To capture all of you to be red

I am with the grace of your fingertips
I touch them with my fantasies
That pulls me closer and closer
To where I always dream to be

My eyes are yours and everything of me
You hold me high 'though you know not
I enjoy staring at your breath and I can live by that stare
I wish I can hold your beauty in the palm of my hands

I can smell your scent a hundred miles away
It lingers in my memories now
It dances with me and I dance with it
Gracefully holding my soul

What a sense of freedom to be like this
But I am not worth the freedom for I now betray it.
I am letting your arms embrace me wholly
Albeit you know it not



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Lynes Celeste

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