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Information as social empowerment Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jeff Mowatt, United Kingdom Oct 21, 2007
Human Rights , Technology , Globalization   Opinions


As one whose career in IT began in the 60s what we call the digital divide hasn't been a particular problem for me. It was not until the 90s, and even more in the last few years that the real potential in the developing world became clear.

Here on ICT global I recently submitted a thread on the subject of compassionate capitalism, a ten year journey which leads to a very clear view of the way ahead in a 'Marshall Plan' for microeconomic development harnessing both the information and profit potential of broadband deployment, linked with childcare reform, microcredit and a faculty for social enterprise in a national scale overseas target, which for the UK and Europe has recently become a key location for democratic transition.

It may be more than a coincidence that so many 2008 US Presidential hopefuls now call for a 'Marshall Plan' in the area of international development. They don't actually have a plan, but I know a man who does.

He's an American whose advocacy against poverty delivered 10,000 micro businesses in Russia before a stand against corruption made him unwelcome in more than one country. He's been threatened, forced into homelessness. His fast for economic and social rights in the US was blocked by the media and Britain ejected him as a potential economic migrant.

Still he went on to deliver a microeconomc "Marshall Plan" to Ukraine's government taking his advocacy to new heights.



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Jeff Mowatt

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rohit saroj | Dec 17th, 2007
hi jeff, 'MarshalL Plan' was definitely a microeconomic adustmnet strategy with it eye on creating dependency..this not only indebted the entire europian community but brought about an economic or so to say a development divide not only betweent he eastern and western war hit europe but widened the norh south divide as wel... to bridge this gap, technology and information sharing was essential part of the Norh-South dialogue, but this never happened. the south always received the obsolete technology and a stale piece of information. ...the new Marhal Plan, so to say still keeps these nations at the periphery on which it continues to thrive. the world community has witnessed the potential of developing countries to grow. effective dissemination of information and its rightful usage for the rightful purpose has great potentials.

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