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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
What a mystery! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Agent of Change International, Nigeria Oct 5, 2007
Culture , Health , Human Rights   Poetry


Tired of everything about relationships
Decided to stay single and get settled
Enjoying every moment of the present phase
Without any strange feeling of inadequacies

What can I say
Or how do I explain it
Stocked in-between two divergent options
Sincerely in love with a lady
Who seems not to be interested in me
And being monitored around by two ladies
Who claims to love and care for me

Yet I do not have any preference
Or feelings for these
So called wanna be lovers
Where do i start from
And where do I end it

Until she appeared
She appeared so casual
That there was no thought
Of special feelings

Until she opened her mouth to talk
Her words were so soothing
Healing and mending past hurts
And gave me a reason
To long for true love again

Some say life is full of ups and downs
But I say life itself is a mystery
'Cos when I thought I wasn't ready
For a serious marital commitment
Then did she appear on the stage of my life
With her sincerity and openness
That strikes like thunder
And dazzles like gold

Looking at her from afar
She looks like the lady next door
Without walls and restraint
But few minutes spent with her
Portrays a lady with a sharp contradiction
To what one might have thought or assumed
Of a truth
Her price is far above rubies
Her worth is unquantifiable
Her smile is charming
And has the potential of igniting a lasting flame
In the heart of any man
Who seeks sincere and true love

After spending few minutes with her
You'll agree with me
That I do not deserve a lady
So nice, kind, sincere
And beautiful like her
But grace brought her my way

Her beauty radiates from within
And her outlook is like that of a diamond
She glitters and shines like the star
That her creator had made her

She gave me a reason to love again
Healed me of past hurts
Showed me what it means
To love and be loved
Every minute spent with her is a blessing
And an eye opener
To the beauty, glamour
And blessings of true love

For her I live;
To cherish and care
To nurture and tend
To love and be loved

Love is life;
And life is all that we do as humans
Life is meant to be fully enjoyed
And not endured
That is why I say that
Of a truth
Love is indeed a mystery!

By: Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
© October 2007



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Writer Profile
Agent of Change International

A Social Entrepreneur, bagged a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Certificate in Project Management 2005 (Brainbench Certified), Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development, Certificate in Computer Architecture and Networking and has attended series of other trainings. He has worked with managerial cadre of varied organizations he has served. Presently the Managing Consultant of Chain Link Concepts (a human capital development firm with passion for micro, small and medium enterprises ‘MSME’). He has consulted for Xcel Digital Solutions (a multimedia production firm), Higher Heights Communication (a media outfit) and Prisi’zn Concepts (a media outfit) amongst others. The President/Executive Director of Agents of Change International (an NGO) and presently the Program Coordinator on Education and Sport for People To People International, Nigeria (an international NGO). He has served on the leadership of various bodies. He is an Associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Nigeria Industrial Relations Association (Graduate Membership) and Institute of Risk and Credit Management of Nigeria (Graduate Membership). I am a Mentor with ABC4All. Also a member of True Pioneers, Nigerian Professionals International (NiPRO) and some other non-governmental organizations. He is also a member of the training and development department of the Legacy Fellowship (Latter Rain Assembly).
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