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Homeless Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Melissa S., Canada Sep 26, 2007
Human Rights , Health   Poetry


Homeless Frostbitten blue
Left in the snow
Blackened fingers
And blackened toes

Has no blanket
To keep him warm
Has no family waiting
For him at home

Years of loneliness
Has closed off his heart
Sleeping in allies
And eating out of trash carts

Years of this,
Has made him look so raged,
That no one can tell
He once wasn't a beggar
He once had a house
He once paid his bills
He once had money
To shop at No Frills

But then one day
A relative got sick,
And all of his money disappeared so quickly

He tried to stay calm,
To "keep his head above water"
But it was too much
And his house sold out much after.
So now he's on the street,
Cold and alone
Cursing the world,
And this first snow!



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Writer Profile
Melissa S.

I enjoy writing about many world issues. I feel very connected to my writing. I have just began to write poems, which I think are fairly good. Most of my writing are just facts, so people understand the importance of the issue. That is why they are so short and sweet, so people will read, and remember, and hopefully take action.

Shweta | Dec 28th, 2007
good to read this.

Shweta | Dec 28th, 2007
good to read this.

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