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Learning from Nature Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Big_will, Kenya Sep 10, 2007
Environment , Health   Opinions
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So many things happen in life that puzzles even the loftiest mind. Many more happen right under our noses and we pass them as normal happenings in life. The flowers that bloom and blossom by the side walks, the tall trees that seem to stand ever so firmly and strongly, and the wind that tickles their leaves into ecstatic little giggles. Nature is a beautiful spectacle to behold.

These are the wonders that we miss every time we are immersed in our thoughts. We day dream as we walk, as we talk, as we eat, living in a world other than our own. Sometimes we do not even notice that we were walking, until we suddenly stumble over a stone or someone taps our shoulders to realization that we have missed to notice them; we do not even notice that we have missed a part of life. We were somewhere else, in the idea world, far away from the present.

Trying to live in the present is a daunting task since as human beings we are so used to either living in the past or the future. It is so difficult to live in the now. It is even more difficult to clear our minds off the thoughts that beset us. We are thinking of how to get money, what to wear, whether we will survive the day, whether anything bad will happen to us…. Our thoughts are a train that is endlessly long; it keeps on dragging the carriages behind it. Like any train that is heavily burdened it expends a lot of energy and gets fatigued quite fast.

The idea world is really a dead place. It lacks color and beauty. Though it is a powerful tool of bringing things into manifestation, a harbinger for rapturous transformation; it is however doomed to bring destruction if used uncontrollably. It becomes a cause for wanton destruction because it lacks the capacity to bring about life. Only nature brings life in the physical plane and our thoughts should thus be in connection with her unique quality. If we dwell too much in the idea world we become burdened by worries. We consequently lose color and beauty. Our lives lack the mystery and depth that is ever so present in nature

We are burdened yet the master says that we lay all our burdens on him and he will carry them for us. We are forever worrying, yet Christ says we shall not worry about anything for our Father in heaven already knows what we need and he shall provide according to his riches and glory. So we should neither worry nor be burdened. When we are free we can enjoy life and enjoy nature.

The earth is our mother and that is why it is called Mother Earth. Its characteristics are feminine. Its form is that of a womb and we are the fetus fully enveloped in an atmosphere that protects and nourishes us. She gives birth to life and sustains it.
One of the most profound qualities of being feminine is mystery and beauty. Feminine is clothed in mystery and wisdom. Perhaps that is why the philosopher refers to wisdom as a woman. Nature seems to beckon us to awe at her mystery and the beauty that unfolds from within. She demands our full attention because what she has to offer is deep and requires absolute attention. The secret she seeks to unveil requires a mind that is keen, undivided and open as that of a child. She demands nothing less.

Nature is a powerful teaching tool to any person who values education. Ants are the best organized creatures I have ever set my eyes own. They live underground but their ‘cities’ are unmatched to the polluted and dirty cities that we have in this country. Bees are the most hardworking and the best architects known to me. Their honey combs are built to precision. Their loyalty to their queen and work is unfettered. Here in the civilized world we have traitors of untold alacrity who betray their own country for a pittance. We have supposedly the worst architects who are allowed to portray their ineptitude at the cost of innocent lives in our capital. Pathetic!

Maybe all this will change if as we take the daily stride through life, we remember to take control over our thoughts. Let us remember that we need to learn from Mother Nature. Let her be our teacher and us, her eager students. Then we would have taken a step towards respecting her and in turn respecting ourselves.

Respect is two way, from inside to outside and also two way. We respect ourselves and naturally we respect Mother Nature. Mother Nature then respects us. Mother Nature already loves us as a mother would never abandon her children, but we do not really love her. We are careless and thoughtless. We do not care about nature neither do we mind about her welfare. She punishes us to correct us. We do not seem to listen. We are busy thinking of ways to dominate and subdue her. She must scoff at such foolishness, at our adolescent rage and temper tantrums.

Nature has a dark side. Perhaps it is clearest among the flesh eaters in the Animal Kingdom. Lions, cheetahs…use some of the deadliest hunting skills. Watching a canine creature hunt reveals the dark side of nature- vicious, cunning and violent. The sight of a crocodile devouring it’s a scene that a human being would not like to take part in as a prey. One cannot help but feel the pain of a prey in the deadly jaws of a flesh eater, or a paralyzed insect in between the poisonous fangs of a spider. Nature can be cruel - be warned.

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Writer Profile

I am a Kenyan Law student at the University of Nairobi. I am also a poet despite preferring to write a lot. I also read a lot though not in the library and not only about one topic. I hope people enjoy my work. I must say it is not easy being a writer but I shall not give up writing. It is a passion that burns inside me like a furnace. Take care. And thank you.

AS | May 27th, 2010
My mother is going to leave me so you can imagine how I am feeling about abandonment.

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