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My HIV+ Life! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Elizabeth, Kenya Aug 31, 2007
Health   Opinions


When I tested HIV positive three years ago, the first thing that came to my mind after the obvious shock was death. I saw it coming in just some few months. I cried, I felt sorry that I will die and leave my daughter alone, an orphan just like so many I have come across. Then after sometime, I gathered the strength and courage to move on, but not without the support of my friends and family.

Three years down the line and I am still strong. I am very grateful to God for this. I have met several people living positively, some on ARV’s and some not. Personally, I am not on ARV’s nor suffer from any complications and I will try my level best not to, not now when I feel I have so much to offer to my fellow youths!

When I tested positive, my CD4 was 648, then 543…..and God with this rate I was worried it would drop and drop and I would have to start the ARV’s. I had to find ways to boost it…..yes! I read as many articles as I could on HIV/Aids. I shared with my positive living friends and after sometime, I got the answer. I had to eat a balanced diet meal, I had to feed, really feed, exercise and relax my mind as much as possible (I would be cheating if I say I am never stressed…..but it has to have a limit) and of course not exposing myself to any form of re-infection!

With my CD4 now at 870, I can look back and say, I am fighting a good battle. God has a purpose for me, I am strong and everyday when I meet a youth, a mother, father, sister or brother who feels enlightened to know his or her status early, because it really helps, I give glory and honour to God. My prayer, as a youth, is that other youths may gather courage to know their status and to live positively whether they test positive or negative. Being HIV positive is not the end of the world!



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Julia Smith | Sep 4th, 2007
Wow, that is a beautiful testimony Grace. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me and I hope you inspire others to get tested and take care of themselves. I used to live in Kenya and also thought that people who had HIV would die quickly, but now I work with people who are living postively (in Canada) and most of them are very healthy. Some have been HIV + and healthy for over 20 years. Thank you again for sharing. God Bless!

haryati | Sep 5th, 2007
you are so amazing! stay blessed.

Rana Lotfy | Sep 5th, 2007
Thank God you've changed this experience to a positive thing and inspired many people and will continue to do so. Keep the faith!

batool | Sep 8th, 2007
You are so brave ,thank you so much for writing this, you are a very strong faithfull woman and I hope the best for you ,your child and your family and keep it going . Thanks again

Brenda Malowa | Sep 11th, 2007
hey Grace, that is really insipirational! Continue spreading the word and giving other people a reason to not only exist but to live... and approach life with a positive attitude!

Hoàng Táo | Sep 12th, 2007
You have given me a new thread about the life. Your struggle is not only for you, but also for all - who live with their depressing

You are one of a kind
erick ochieng otieno | Sep 13th, 2007
It is great that you chose to stay alive rather than hope for the worse. It is the best gift you gave to your LOVELY doughter. Continue to stay alive and know that with being positive, it is never the end of the world. Be Blessed.

Thank you!
Grace | Sep 13th, 2007
Dear Friends, Thanks so much for your encouraging words. They mean alot to me and to any other person living with HIV. I pray God to make me strong and to guide me in this noble task of creating awareness, stigma reduction and bringing hope to those infected and affected. Hope you too know your status! God bless you.

Bemoute serge Mario | Sep 13th, 2007
Thank you once more for this brilliant testimony which remind us to keep on looking for indispensable virtues. Life is a fight and most importantly fighting for against us and the world around to search for victory that will inspire others.

lisa amanda | Nov 12th, 2007
tht is so great am happy for you work glad tht you can move on your daughter should be your inspiration... cheers am with you always kp in touch

Doris Carter | Sep 14th, 2018
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