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What will be wlll be Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by so! poetic, Nigeria Aug 25, 2007
Citizen Journalism   Poetry


Let all the friends turn foe
Away and let them all go
Yesterday, as the time went away
Turn to them all and say
What will be will be

Tell the parrot to do it like a dove
And tell the dove to envy not its beauty
But tell them to run away from wolf
And tell the wolf not to be scary
‘Cause what will be will be

Cry not O! Widow
But do it like hyena
Steady calm and do it slow
Widow seek out the widower
For what will be will be

Let the sick not be sad
And the healthy not be too happy
Away, the healthy can be
And the ill be out of bed
Just remember what will be will be

Tell this to the plowman
Who is sad at his harvest
To hang up its hoe and rest
Before the setting of this sun
For what will be will be

Tell all those that cry and mourn
At an unfriendly demise of their man
To sit and have some fun
‘Cause they too will be mourned
Tell them all that what will be will be



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Writer Profile
so! poetic

Amzaq was born in Nigeria on 12 of April 1985 in Ikere Ekiti Ekiti state of Nigeria, in the south western part of the country

His name being Amodu O. Razaq also known as A.m-Poet. He is a lover of literature especially poetry which he so much

show interest and he is also known as a poet of international repute for winning different award online both in Africa and

Europe. His poem was first published in South Africa (Poetry institute of Africa Shepstone South Africa) he has made

different effort at publshing an anthology of young Nigerian Writers of which is a work in progress... He is a member of

Takingitglobal.org... an international non-profit iorganization online and has contributed in no small amount to the panorama

submission of the site. He had his elementay education in his birth place (Ikere Ekiti) and also the high school (Amoye

grammar school, Ikere) where he discovered his talent and started writing poetry..(Prof Niyi Osundare is also an old student

of this high school) he is presently studying Mass-communicatio in University of Jos Nigeria after which he desire to study

English and Literary studies...he has written some considerable number of poems some of which are .."the lost beauty, tribute, the cubid arrow, among others

for more information visit
www.poetrypoem.com, sopoetic.blog.com

Great vision !
karim mohamed nayel | Dec 21st, 2007
this poem reveals your deep insight of life !

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