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The struggle for life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Osamuyi Okpame, Nigeria Aug 25, 2007
Health , Education , Citizen Journalism   Poetry


The struggle for life
And the race against time

From the tiny living cells
To the mightiest of creatures
Life has always been but a struggle
Struggle! Struggles!! and more struggles!!!
Life is always a hot race
And a deal against time

In the smallest of cells
Our struggle for life begins
Nature teaches us first,
But to struggle

On your marks, set, go!

Now the race begins
The journey through the oviduct
What a great struggle for life that is
On its’ way up to the ovum

In about three hundred million runners
But a winner must emerge
The first to get in
Becomes the winner
While the others are shielded off
With the millions of cells
To be forgotten forever

The winner remains therein
Develops into a zygote
From the zygote
comes the foetus
Ready to be born into a new world

Holla! Holla!
The child is born
The shouts of joy and merriment
Rent the air

You have just being welcomed
What’s your name?

Everybody can’t wait
to see you
Everybody can’t wait
to touch you
And everybody can’t wait
to feel you in their arms
Because they know
you are a wonderful ‘being’
And the winner of the race

Your coming into the world
Could not have been by accident
But by destiny.

(Always remember; You were born a winner because many others who ran the same race with you while you were still tiny cells, did not make it to the finish line as you did).



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Writer Profile
Osamuyi Okpame

I enjoy both reading and writing, and a quote that serves as inspiration to me is: "Sometimes the difficulties we face, could be our greatest asset in life."

Time really flies!
Osamuyi Okpame | Nov 11th, 2012
Reading this again, after so many years, brings back good memories. :)

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