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Can you ??? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi, Nigeria Aug 18, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Can you see the tears in the eyes of the babies ?
Can you feel the despair in the hearts of the millions of down trodden youths ?
Can you hear the cry of your soul ?
urging you to do something ?
urging you to make a move ?
Can you summon courage to make a change ?
Yes you can !!!
You were born to make a change ,
You were born for this very moment !!!
Act now !!!!



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Writer Profile
Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi

I am just over 30 and from Nigeria, my sole aim in life is creation of happiness for my fellow men.
i have seen Injustice, greed, and many other vices; they have heaped sadness on our souls,.
How i wish mankind will take the path of goodness, Everyman a caretaker of his fellow man !!!
However, i see light in the tunnel.
Keep the light shining in your heart, it will spread to your face, from your face it'll warm someone's heart and YOU ARE BLESSED!!!
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