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Water: A Human Right Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Patricia Sudi, Kenya Aug 15, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions


Human rights protects all people from social, physical, political, legal and social abuses. Access to safe water is a fundamental human need. World governments must make 20litres of fresh clean water every day a universal human right. Water is not only essential for human life but also acts as a building block to development

The scarcity of water in arid and semi arid areas leads to intense political pressures often referred to as "water stress". Furthermore, water not only ignores political boundaries, it evades institutional classifications and eludes legal generalizations. Five million people die each year from water related diseases or inadequate sanitation.

An increasingly prevalent viewpoint about water and security is best summed up by Ismail Serageldin, quoted in the New York Times,"The wars of the next century will be about water." Looking at the Kenyan situation this view has somehow come to be true where communities fight over water points for their cattle and recently in the Kibera slums the residents engaged the city council and the police in fierce fights leading to injuries when their water supply was being disconnected over illegal connections.
Currently major strides are being made globally to resolve the water crisis.

In Kenya the water sector has undergone major positive changes through the introduction of the Water regulatory board. Communities have also been encouraged to embrace water related projects such as digging boreholes and preservation of the natural ecosystem such as forests and vegetation to prevent desertification.



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Writer Profile
Patricia Sudi

I am a Kenyan youth studying law at the University of Nairobi. TakingITGlobal has played an important role in shaping the youths approach to various issues. Personally I am a youth activist and campaigner for youth activities towards sustainable community development. I believe that if we join hands in changing and improving our communities we will be able to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015.
Lets all focus on important issues in our daily life. Lets unite in making our own countries a safer, better and worthy place to live in. With determination and focused minds anything is possible.

No wars about water!
A Better Community for All (ABC4All) | Feb 26th, 2008
Working "relentlessly" to bring Global Humanitarian Relief to the world: http://tigurl.org/b874dm so there need not be wars, just cooperation to bring RELIEF to all. Respectfully, Burton Danet, Ph.D. Co-Founder, ABC4All

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