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by John kariem sila, United Kingdom Aug 11, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


My Africa

I am just a simple messenger
Of kingdom of dream
Carrying message from lord H-o-p-e
To sir F-r-e-e-d-o-m!

The crown table
Of the dream people
Demand justice
To the earth lands
Of workers,

From hope to freedom
Demanding justice to the workers!

Is it you Africa,
The mother of countries?

Is it not you the garden of sky,
Hope, will and dream?
Is it not you the guardian of golden jungles
From the dust of civilization?

And she said to me:
Babe don’t cry,
I ran from sky
Because of that crazy
Hidden word of shy
Was done
And gone.

So I said with diving tears
Swimming from my lonely eyes
O mother Africa
Bless me with a soft kiss
Of the perfume of your garden,

O I have never forgotten you,
You are my house of straw
In middle of nothing
And just of “unbuntu”.

Mother Africa
Each your story has a rule,
Each son of yours is a history,
Each naked night of your is a ballad
Of sky to the flaming starts,
Each of your jungle is a day,
And each race of yours is a mystery
Of dream of the jungles
Running from the oldest veins
Of the river of hopes.

We are blossom dreams
Of the dreaming countries
Laying in your souls
Mother Africa.

I said
We are dream in dreaming country
You and I.




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Writer Profile
John kariem sila

I was born in Africa but I have lived in Europe since an early age. My interests are human rights, culture and identity because I believe that we forgot what it means to be human. So I will leave here an open question for anyone to answer: What does it mean to be human to you?!
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