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Good Morning Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by John kariem sila, United Kingdom Aug 11, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Good Morning
Good morning Africa,
This will be my favourite song
In my straw house
In middle of jungle!

O mummy, my smile is happy
And my soul is running away
From the dust of civilization
Like Nile washing
The tears of my own Africa
From north, Egypt.

Good afternoon amnesty,
I am a sad soul
Of the early day
Falling from the future
Of this blossom year
Of dying tomorrow,

My soul is a burning body
Begging mercy of your sunshine
Like a little kid smile
Crying on her face, amnesty!

Good evening Revolution,
I am the child of your blossom
Red flag marching on sky,

Revolution the old name
Of my dreams, hopes and
The burning word
Of my world,

I confess guilty of dreaming
On judgement day starting
Today and screaming
Like tears of sky kissing
My beautiful earth.

Yes, I confess;
Revolution is the oldest soul of red blood
Of my veins

And I would like to say:

To Europe,
And you like me,

Good morning
African “unbuntu”
On the revolution day.



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Writer Profile
John kariem sila

I was born in Africa but I have lived in Europe since an early age. My interests are human rights, culture and identity because I believe that we forgot what it means to be human. So I will leave here an open question for anyone to answer: What does it mean to be human to you?!

rosemary madeu | Aug 22nd, 2007
nice poem

good morning
saeed hussain shah | Aug 24th, 2007
nice creation

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