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Human Peace: Is it Totally Achievable? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Erick Ochieng Otieno, Kenya Aug 4, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


All over the world, people yearn for peace. But if we could just ask ourselves this hypothetical question; ‘Have we really done enough to achieve this?’ to me this answer lies just in front of our eyes. We are doing a lot to enhance human security, but with the wrong tools and methods. The reasons behind this answer is very clear, “You can not steal from a thief because he or she stole from you and call that justice”.

The way we are dealing with human security leaves a lot to be desired, it is noteworthy that humanity, since time immemorial, devised ways to resolve problems of insecurity in so many different ways. Others opt for tooth for tooth and tit for tat. Indeed, at times there is peace at long last as the weaker one eventually resolves to stop fighting while the stronger partner becomes victorious? Such victories, it is important to equally note, are never long lasting as the defeated parties usually strategize for a later attack and with a stronger resolve to win.

Such, sadly, is the status of the world peace currently. As we fight global terrorism, we have a situation where one feels that it is the strong that get justice and the weakest gets prejudice. With such a scenario, one could not help but wander what will happen if the weaker defeated party wakes up to find that they can control the world in all spheres, be it economy, weaponry, and many others. It could be a nightmare for many.

For peace to be long lasting there should be agreeable settlement for the disputes that started the wars in the first place. No one among the parties should feel that they forced into submission as this will lead to more and even vigorous response from the other party.

The fight against terrorism is the best thing to happen today in order that world security is resolved once and for all and for humanity top leave in one peace with one another. The problem is in the approach. It has been given a political approach where you are my friend and not a terrorist if you help my strategic goal despite having all the outfits of terrorism while at the same time; others become terrorists just by mere suspicion.

With this kind of approach, where we even go as far as promoting violence against those perceived to be terrorist states and individuals by going ahead and supply arms to our allies in the name of supporting peace will never solve anything. What we should ask ourselves is this, what if tomorrow they become our own enemies? Will we go back and take back the arms before they hit us hard? What if they shift allegiance towards those they are supposed to fight, what is our next move?

Look at those who are terrorists today, they were once allies of many developed nations during the cold war and some other regional wars such as the 1st Gulf War. A lot of arms and military training exchanged arms in these regions with the same people who now urge the world to fight these terrorist. Were we blinded then and now we can see? Are we blinded now and will see later? These are fundamental questions that we are supposed to answer in order that we have a long lasting peace which is for all but not for selected elite. So if I am asked; “Human Peace: Is it Totally Achievable?” my answer would be yes, but not unless we shift strategies.



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Writer Profile
Erick Ochieng Otieno

I was a student from Egerton University. I pursued a course leading to a BSc in Applied Aquatic Sciences. I believe that through writing, one can relieve a lot from the heart. Inspiration came from hearing and reading. Whoever said that you have to be an old one to communicate issues of policies, did not consider that even a newborn communicates through its own way, "crying". I would like to communicate to the world all my thoughts; However minor they are, I believe they will go a great length to straighten or strengthen a policy or two somewhere and I shall have contributed to the well being of the world. How noble that is, it is for my worthy readers to let me know. So what do you think? Tell me anytime. Bye and have a nice reading.

its good analytic
amro | Sep 5th, 2007
its good analytic for the terrorism behavior in the word

Human Peace: Is it Totally Achievable?
Eugenia Bivines | Sep 7th, 2007
I do believe that human peace is archievable. One day there shall be peace on earth. Great Content

meddahi | Sep 19th, 2007
الإسم:مداحي العيد البلد: الجزائر التوقيت: 11:49 PM التاريخ: 29/07/2007 أخي الزائر ، لتكون صديقاً للموقع فضلاً اضغط هنا الشاعـر العصامي مداحي العــيـد هـذه القـصيـدة من بـحــر الطـويـل 20/09/2006 ………………………………..أذيــتَ مـشـاعــري بـقــول مــريــر .. فـصـيـّرتـني كـجُـثَّـة فـي السّـريـر … عـلامَ تـقـولُ قــولـةَ السّــُوء قـصْـدَ…… إذائـــي بــقــــول لاذع للـضّــميـر…. أسـاء كـــــلامُـهُ لـنـفـسـي بـطـعْــن… ونفـسي رهـيـفـةٌ كـلمـس الحريـر…. سأسعى مُواصلا طــريــقـي بـعــزم… ولو جعـلـوا أشـواكا في جُسـوري…. سـأمــلأُ أقــطــابَ الحــيـاة بشـعــر…. يُـجــدّدُ دُنــيــانـا كــــماء الغــديـر…. أعـاقـوا عُــقــولا مـن مُـبــادَرة قـد…. تُـــقـَــدّمُ نــابـــغـا مــن الـتَّـفـكـير…. يـبـُثـُّون شُؤمَهُم على السّـمع دوما…. لـكي يُضـعــفـوا مَــلــَكَـةَ التّعـبـير…. لـقـد ضاق كُـلُّ شـاعــر مـنْ أُنـاس …. يـقـولــون أقـــوالا مـن التّحـقـيـر …. يُـثيرونهُم كي يُخرجـوا من شذاهُمُ …. عـُطورا من الشّعـر زكت كالعبـير …. وهــذا امــرؤُ الـقـيـس نـفـاهُ أبــوهُ … لــكي لا يُـنــظـّمَ نـسـيـبَ الحُـبـور…. فـــفــرَّ بـمــوهــبتـــه كـــي يــظــلَّ… طـلـيـقـا يُــدوّنُ هُــمـومَ الصّـدور…. لـقـد تــركَ المُـلـْــكَ بأسـره زاهــدا…. ولـمْ يـــرتـــــدعْ قــلـــبُـهُ للأمـيـر …. فـخــلــَّفَ شعـرا خـالــدا فـي ثـنـايا …. الزّمـان يُـغــــرّدُ مــــدى الدُّهــور…. وذاك أبو الطـّيـّب عـمـلاقُ حـكــمة …. عــلا شــأنُـهُ أمــام كُـــلّ غــريــر…. فصارتْ بــلاغــةُ لـســانـه نــهـجـا … من الحكمة التي أنارت ضميـري…. وأضحى وحيـدَ عـصـره بالقـريض …. فـحـلّــقَ عـالــيا كـمــثـل النُّسـور…. تـخـطّى حُــدودَ التَّـقـالـيـد فــطــنـةًً …. فـخـلَّـف مـيــراثا لـكُـلّ العُـصـور …. وشعْـرُ أبـو الـقـاسم نــبْـعُ الوُجـود…. الذي أخرجَ الأزهار بين الصُّخور …. تــرنَّــمَ للـشَّـعْــب كــي يسْــتـفـيـقَ…. من النّـوم قد ناموا مدى الدُّهـور …. تــألـََّـقَ عـالــيا كـطـــيـر الحُــقــول…. الذي يجمعُ الرَّحيـق بين الزُّهور…. تـــمُــرُّ حـيــاةُ الـنـّـبـغــاء بسُـرْعة …. كــما مَـرَّ دُخَّـانُ طــيب البَخــور…. وجــئـتُ لأنــســجَ خُـيــوطَ شُعــور…. أرقُّ من النّسـيـم فـوق العُـطـور…. شُـعــورٌ لـطــيــفٌ كـــريـش النّعـام…. يُـثـيــرُ جـمالُهُ عـيــون الضَّريـر…. سـأرقـى إلـى العُـــلا حـتى تـــراني …. شُعـوبُ العـوالم كـبــدر الشُّهـور … الذي بـزغتْ أنوارُهُ في دُجى اللّـيل…. يُضيءُ على النَّاس عند المسيـر … ولا ينتهي الشّعـور إلا إذا انـتـهـتْ…. حـيـاةُ الأديـــــب فــوق الحـصير …. وشعـرُ الفُـحـول نـابـعٌ من نُـفـوس…. مـعـارفـُها عـــمـيـــقـةٌٌ كالبُـحـور…. فـشتَّـان ما بـيـن الـثـريّا عـلـتْ في …. الفـضاء بعــيـدةُ الـمـدى للبصير….. وبيـن الثَّـرى الذي ثـوى كُـلَّ جسم… فـأمـسـتْ لـيـاليـه تـحـت القـُبـور …. ولـولا المعـارفُ لصارت النُّـفـوس… بـدون عـــواطـف كـمثـل النُّـمور…. ولـولا العُـقـولُ رفعـتْ منْ شُؤُونـنا… لَـمَا وَصَلَ الإنـْسُ لهـذا المصيـر … ولـولا بــراعـةُُ المُــنــظـّـم حـــبــكا…. يُـريـحُ نُـفـوسَ الخـلـق بالتّعـبير….. لصارت ضعـيـفةً من الكـــرب تبدو…. بـدون حـصــــانة أمـام الشُّـرور …… وما العـيـشُ إلا بـين مـعــــــرفة لا …. تـزيــدُكَ إلا رفـعـةً فـي العُـصور……. تـصـيـرُ بـنـعْــمة المـعــارف حُـــرّاً…. كـطــيـر يُـحــلـّـقُ فـوق القصور……… يـحـــومُ مُــغـــرّدا فــوق الــرُّؤوس …. يــرى كُـلَّ ما بـدا من الـمسـتور ….. ويــرفــعُ قـــولُ الـشُّعــراء نُـفـوسا…. فـتُـصْـبحُ أعلاما لـدى الجُمْهـور….. وما الـشّعــْرُ إلا كـجــنـاحي طُـيـور… نُـحـلّــقُ دوماً بهـما في الشُّعـور…… يُــشَــوّقُ أنــفـُسا لـنـيــل الـمـعـالي…. الـتي لا تـُـــحـــازُ إلا بـالـعُـبـور….. ومن لمْ يُـلامـس السَّحـابَ شُعــورُهُ …. عـلـيه بـشـمّ نــفــحــات العُـطـور ….. التي مـلأتْ ضــفــافَ واد مَــصَــبُّ…. مـياهـه تـنسـابُ بـيـنَ الصُّخـور ….. .. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم و الصلاة والسلام عـلى أشــرف المرسلـــــين وعلى آله وأصحابه أجم

wassup buddy
Roland Madindo | Oct 8th, 2007
plz Erik can throw more light on what this all about cuz am kind of new and everything is kind of new to me so i need some body to tell what to do not if you that kind of a person.hoping to hear from you ASAP. Regards spacey

Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Oct 21st, 2007

peace sells but who s buying
mariyah | Oct 30th, 2007
completely agree with erick.The strong one wants to force every one to accept their so called democracy.But d every one can see what is hapenning around.found peace is in d hand of d strong.So only by shifting strategies d desiered peace can be achieved.

human peace
harry jansz | Nov 1st, 2007
no i dont think it is achievable because to hve peace you need to make some sacrifice3s and no matter what you do there will always be war or terror in one form or another

Henry Ekwuruke | Nov 9th, 2007
Peace is relative and can be acheved when perfection is achieved, since perfection is of nature, peace is therefore subjected to nature and ... Good article though!

Henry Ekwuruke | Nov 9th, 2007
Peace is relative and can be acheved when perfection is achieved, since perfection is of nature, peace is therefore subjected to nature and ... Good article though!

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