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Victims on stage twelve. Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Robert Dodginghorse, Canada Aug 4, 2007
Culture , Health   Poetry


Victims on stage twelve

What are these stages we face.
Without warning,we are confronted
A new game, a new war life's chaotic place.
Answers tremble, from a drunk Mother's lips,
"it wont get better"
There we stand, on a hope beaten cliff.
Seconds of thought before we jump or before we are pushed.
Here, I wonder are the fallen victims
of such chaos, or did we decide such
A pitiful emotion at this stage of our beloved play. Are we all just dramatic to entertain
The sweetness of life? thespians with an ache to entertain ourselves.

So buy a ticket to stage twelve.



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Writer Profile
Robert Dodginghorse

well this poem is about my people in time of turbulence and in the time to become a leader in a emotional war between Mecca and identity.
assimilation is my biggest fear of my people this poem is an outreach to tell them they have a belonging in their culture,a belonging in their people.
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