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We Live In A Jungle After All! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Lucia Sui, Canada Jul 9, 2003
Human Rights , Culture , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


The jungle is the home of the moose, the deer, the antelopes, the caribous, their kind and their neighbours. It is also the home to the butterflies, ants, mosquitoes, their species and their families. It is also the home of the owls, the sparrows, the woodpeckers and their race. And above all, deep in the dark corners of the jungle, there live the tigers and the lions competing for the throne. Each one of these creatures are unique and different, yet the same, in their own special way. And so are we humans...

Life in our society is very similar to life in the jungle. Our society is a home (like the jungle) for the Canadians, Italians, Chinese, and Ghanaians. It is a home for the rich and the poor. It is also the home for the Catholics, Christians, and Sikhs. It is home to the superstars and it is even home to the homeless. And above all, it is the home of our beliefs and our emotions; 'what make each one of us unique and different, and yet the same..."

We live in a jungle after all!

Within the jungle there are ranks the creatures fall into and these cannot be ignored. There will always be the weak and there will always be the powerful. The powerful, and intelligent will always win while the weak and powerless will always lose. For example, no one dares to go near a tiger, while an insect can be killed unnoticed. The quality of each animal's life depends to a great degree on their strength and their power when compared to others. And similar is the case with us humans...

Our society divides its citizens into different ranks, classes, and levels (just like the jungle) . However we are not ranked by religions, gender or race, but by our intelligence, knowledge, abilities and the goodness of our hearts. One can be an important figure in others' lives or even by a role model; then again, one can also be a homeless, that no one bothers to look at, on the street. Just like it is in the jungle, if you have the power, people will listen and follow you. You will succeed and you will win. And if you do not have that ability, you will not succeed and you will lose.

We live in a jungle after all!

In the jungle each animal is different. They look differently, nest differently and eat differently. And each one of them has the freedom to choose their food, their being and their ways of life. However, they need to learn to share and co-operate with others by understanding and sharing. They also need to create peace with each other, and mend it after it is destroyed by a hunter's visit. All the while, there will always be competitions in the jungles. When a carnival chases a herd of thirty deer, twenty-nine will escape while one will not. Each animal has to win against others (of their own kind), to be the leaders and to achieve their dreams. And so do us humans....­

In our society each person is different and we have the freedom to be different. We have different believes, different ideas, different cultures and different ways of life. We need to learn to co-operate, and share with others by loving and giving, and also help bring peace amongst ourselves; just like the animals. However, there will always be numerous competitors, competing with us in our every move. Some are obvious, others are not. But after all, we all have goals, and the goal each one of us share, is our desire to accomplish them.

We live in a jungle after all!



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Lucia Sui

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INNOCENT KORIE | Aug 20th, 2003
In as much as I agree with Lucia I believe that as humans we can turn the tables. That is we can always change the situation.From poverty to Richness, weak to strong. It only takes determination and focus. And as youths, we are the best set of humans to bring about a different jungle; where the ant can be allowed to rule if the lion is not ruling well

We live in a jungle & Earth
Shah Khanam | Nov 15th, 2003
I agree with some aspects of the article like people fighting for power & powerless being crushed unnoticed, but there r still some people & beliefs which make this place "World" & not a jungle. We r humans so we should act like one...

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