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The African Child and EPAs Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by KENNETH NANA AMOATENG, Ghana Jul 29, 2007
Media , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Today, we have gathered here to celebrate the African continent, its past and future, successes and challenges, potentials and threats, especially what concerns its children, the African children. We do this with the hope that the African continent will be made a serene place for the development of the children, who are the future leaders of our motherland and our partners in ensuring continuity to our development agenda.

We, children present, representing the entire African Children, including those on the continent and in the Diaspora, do acknowledge, from the dawn of civilization until now, from our forebears to our dispensation, the struggle the continent has passed through and continue passing through in creating the unique and positive identity for itself. The quest for a true African identity, natured in determination, hard work and self reliance epitomized and fuelled our struggle for independence and self governance. We are determined to take our destinies into our own hands and determine the future of ourselves and that of generations unborn through judicious usage of our vast resources both natural and human. We are determined to build positive legacies for the unborn generation to continue in ensuring that the Africans will make place in the dynamics of global politics.

Today, the continent hallow in poverty, hunger, diseases, unemployment and exploitation, conflicts and wars amongst others which has impoverished the African child. The African child faces abuse and exploitation resulting from child trafficking, conflicts and civil wars, diseases and HIV/AIDS, poor housing and education infrastructures. His livelihood which is embedded in that of the parents is shrouded uncertainties resulting from unproductive agricultural processes and yields, low industrialisation, and under utilization of productive capacities contributed mainly by bad internal and external policies and unfair trade practices. Africa’s bad condition do not only emanate from bad governance, corruption and unproductively but also from negative external interferences from developed countries and their international financial institutions allies through bad policies and conditionality attached to development packages for Africa.

All these-not–with-standing, the future of the African continent is very bright which transcends the boarders of the individual states success unto a United Nation of Africa. Unto a unified state, effectively managing its challenges and opportunities, and devoid of political instability, conflict and war and their repercussions. A United State that harnesses its human and natural resources to improve the livelihoods of its people especially its children. These and more shall we achieve if we don’t fail to take our destinies into our own hands. We have the opportunity of the first step to achieve



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Jamils - Richard Achunji Anguaseh | Dec 7th, 2007
Nice write -up there which calls on us all to reason. But abreviations should be explined for not all will understand you.

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