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What Would You Expect? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by George, United States Jul 6, 2003
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Every day is the same. We do not even have to turn on the television because we hear the sirens pass by our house. We know from the worried expressions on everyone’s faces: the Israeli Defense Forces have invaded another town and have used F-16’s on a people armed with stones. Images of little children attempting to knock down these planes from the sky with rocks before they can bomb their houses spring to my head. But, this is not new to us; this has been happening for a while. The IDF has invaded most of the Palestinian towns and cities and have horribly destroyed the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority and yet they continue to call upon Yassar Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas to stop the violence.

How do you expect men who no longer have a government to call upon civilians to stop their outrage? President Bush is angry that the Palestinians are not doing enough to stop the violence, but this suggests that one army is fighting another but Palestinians have no army. Rather, call upon Sharon to tell his soldiers to withdraw from West Bank territories; to grant them their state; and to remove the settlers, who are in violation of the agreement reached in the Oslo Accords and the international laws set in the 4th article of the Geneva convention, from the Palestinian areas. He is the one with the regimented soldiers. However, Sharon continues to refuse but we expect nothing less: this has been happening for a while.

My own cousin has been shot to death and my fellow villagers put in jail for life just for throwing stones. Do they propose to take those rocks, their only means of defense, as well? Another boy from my village was beaten into a coma just for having a bullet that he found on the ground in his schoolbag. But, what do you expect: this has been happening for a while. A desensitized generation is now being raised in Palestine: a generation who are now calloused to all pain and suffering. A generation of people who have nothing more to gain and even less to lose by blowing themselves up is what Israel is cultivating in the Holy Land. This cannot end by violence. It is like burning a candle from both ends and time is running out. As Sharon continues to pressure the Palestinians, he should not expect to have support of the Palestinians who are fed up with living in worse conditions than anyone should be allowed to endure. Sharon, grant the Palestinians the state they want because this is what we should be allowed to expect.



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Writer Profile

George Gardashian- I like meet new people and share ideas.

Dale Andrews | Sep 28th, 2003
Why not establish a palestinian state in Jordan... already largely Palestinian?

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