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Adia, the survivor Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by salamatu seidu, Ghana Jul 25, 2007
Culture , Health , Human Rights   Short Stories


As commonly seen in most extended families of West Africa, Adia, a seven year old girl was sent to her auntie, Osiwa to assist her in her daily activities. Osiwa happens to be very rich but without a child. Adia's parents were confident that Osiwa was going to pamper and make their daughter her own.
At first Adia was the doll of her auntie. After one month in the house Adia inquired from her auntie when she will begin schooling. She was informed that she was brought here to make money. Adia's parents were at Titika while the auntie stays at Toamu.There was no way Adia could travel to see her parents.
She resumed her duties as the house help responsible for the upkeep of the house-cooking, washing of clothes, going to the farm for food items and fire wood among others. Auntie Osiwa bakes bread for sale as well. Right from the farm, Adia takes the loaves of bread to sell. She carries iced water along for those who may be thirsty to buy and drink.
Whenever she is unable to sell everything out, she is made to eat all the remaining loaves of bread and to drink all the tied iced water.
After this Osiwa inserts grounded hot pepper into her private parts and ties her to a tree in the sun. Adia had no one to speak on her behalf. Soon, she became used to this maltreatment. She was always ready for anything. One day she was beaten with a pestle which made her unconscious. The neighbors came around and there,Osiwa's devilish activities to Adia were exposed. Adia regained her consciousness and told her story to the police. There after, she was sent back to her parents and Osiwa was imprisoned for three years with hard labor. Adia is now a medical doctor by profession and a child rights activist.



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Writer Profile
salamatu seidu

I am Salamatu Seidu from Wulugu in the Northern Region of Ghana.I am 23 years of age and a fresh graduate from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa.

I love to read, to play with children and to learn from their innocence and their humility.Singing is one of my forte.I write short stories and articles at my leisure time.
Currently, I'm a member of Young People We Care, a non-governmental organization.

child labour
lilly mensah | Aug 7th, 2009
This article is but one of the few things that go on beneath the sun. Children staying with people have different stories to tell. Some are kucky and are rescued. Others stay silent because there is no one to turn to.

Child Abuse
Agbili Martin Onyedikachukwu | Jun 12th, 2012
It should not hurt to be a child. Why must some people enjoy bulling children. It child abuse and neglect. God will always guide and protect this helpless children wherever they may be.

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