by Eric Gitonga Mburugu
Published on: Jul 18, 2007
Type: Opinions

My fellow Taking it Global Partners,

My name is Eric Gitonga Mburugu, 19 years old. Towards the end of last year 2006, I came up with a new concept aimed at reaching out and empowering people to participate and be more proactive in the process of finding solutions and possible explanations to their very existing and very own background challenges. Over the years, I realized that society has not fully utilized the potentials and given much opportunity to the ideologies of its people and this trend is in fact making us lose a lot of great minds and talents. I strongly feel that by addressing this issue we will manage to gain a lot of ground as far as uniting the efforts of all citizens and cultivating a deep sense of collective responsibility is concerned for the benefit of overall nation building and peaceful coexistence.

The Global Efforts Initiative is a people driven, people motivated and people centered framework. This initiative seeks to go out and meet the people from their own backgrounds and surroundings in an effort of getting them to identify their problems and get them involved as the primary in coming up with possible solutions to those problems. Part of our larger strategy is identifying, mobilizing and fully utilizing the existing local resources for the benefit of addressing the challenges. I believe its time all communities around the world take center stage in identifying, planning, strategizing and implementing programs and activities that will foster unity and collective responsibility.

The Global Efforts Initiative through a wider strategy reached out to the international community in a bid to try and see how responsive and in touch the initiative is to the lives of the millions out there. So far 11 countries have responded with great anticipation and are looking forward to the initiative taking effect in their backgrounds. I am keen on starting the Global Efforts Initiative – Kenyan Chapter, so as to set the example and standard upon which other Chapters / Countries will follow. It is my steadfast conviction that the Global Efforts Initiative will run programs and activities for the people in all countries around the globe.

The greatest challenge facing the Global Efforts Initiative is fundraising for capacity building or rather development of its infrastructure. For the Kenyan Chapter to take off with full throttle there is need to develop enough capacity and raise adequate funds so as to further champion this initiative and avoid as much as possible compromising the standards that we set. An equally greater challenge is getting an opportunity to address the nation and make known of the existence of the initiative. Since the beginning of the year, I have tried to rise above these challenges without much success but I am optimistic now more than ever that everyday we inch closer to the solution. At this point in time Media publicity is absolutely critical and significant as it will inform the masses and present opportunities for partnerships, strategic alliances and collaborations that will go a long way in aiding our fundraising and community mobilization efforts.

The initiative has a website purely designed to educate and inform on the various structures the initiative will endeavor to champion in all its chapters. Needless to say all chapters will have their website links where they will inform others on their community progress. The website is Due to lack of funds I have not been able to get the site updated relevantly so kindly bear with me on this shortcoming but I can assure you that every effort is being made to this effect. I believe that the Global Efforts Initiative will achieve great heights both locally and internationally. I therefore appeal to you to assist in every way you can so as to further champion this course. Your contribution, partnership and support towards the Global Efforts Initiative will be highly regarded and appreciated. Help us reach out and empower the masses around the globe by further disseminating this information. I look forward to your response on the same and working with you in further advancing this agenda.

My name is Eric Gitonga Mburugu and I am the President of the Global Efforts.

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