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Italy: struggling for equality between North and South Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Valentina S., Italy Jul 4, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Globalization   Opinions


After centuries of territorial fragmentation, my country gained independence and unity in 1861. Still, there was a long way to reach unity of language (people used local dialects to communicate), culture, political/social/economic awareness of being all united in the same state.
From the achievement of territorial unity, the problem of the socio/economic gap between a more dynamic and wealthy north and a beautiful, full of history and traditions, but whose development has been constantly threatened by criminal organizations and lack of opportunities.
In 2007, after more than two centuries, things have changed, southern regions have opened to tourism and trade and, thanks to the EU support, more specialized structures and services have been established. A new mentality and a more optimistic atmosphere are spreading.
Although, some problems still remain. The worse is that of criminal organizations, mafias, which have got accustomed to using fraud and corruption (of politicians, members of public institutions, bosses or general managers of important companies) in order to disguise their illicit profits as legal business activities. This and other devices used by crime (such as the so called “pizzo”, a tax imposed on local merchants and business men to keep on running their business) put serious limits to development, endangering people’s lives and bringing about losses of money and an atmosphere of fear. Luckily, more and more people, especially youth, are reacting against these injustices, and the state itself is becoming more sensitive towards the matter.



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