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Is This Democracy? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adeyemi Adisa, United Kingdom Jun 16, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


To many people, democracy is a representative system of government that allows people to vote for the leaders of their choice through a free and fair election. Yes, that is true! In civilised societies, democratic government encourages the rule of law, separation of power, equality before the law, supremacy of the law and civil liberty. But in Nigeria, the reverse is now the case and these are not necessarily important, as the lives of ordinary citizens are not secured. Is this democracy, where corruption without trial is the priority of the so-called democratically elected leaders? Where judiciary in not but a mere institution, Where government has failed to create new jobs, and therefore, making the youths to be restless and to be easily used for dirty uncivil acts.

Taking a closer look at it, it’s glaring that the kind of democracy in Nigeria is quietly different because there is no recognition for judiciary. Or how can one explain a situation whereby supremacy of the law is not taken into account before cruelly acting? Ostensibly, there are certain set of Nigeria leaders who are actually above the law and Nigeria government can not tamper with them or their properties or relatives for going beyond what the law of the land stipulates. Some of these leaders have been invited to hearings and they refused to appear, and yet they are making their ways- living comfortably while many ordinary Nigerians are being punished for the crimes these bastard leaders committed.

When Obasanjo assumed the power as the president of Nigeria in May, 1999, there was a glaring and indisputable relief in the faces of millions of Nigerian, anticipating that the end has come to their sufferings, pain etc, not knowing that they’ve just commenced the journey to the land of poverty, unemployment and insecurity. No doubt, Obasanjo’s regime witnessed problems (austerity) upon austerity as the entire population are languishing in poverty day in and out while the fittest are enjoying the dividends of democracy (which they never fought for) in their pocket.

There was misuse of office, abuse of power—or how can one explain Odi massacre where Nigeria Army aggressively destroyed the whole community? Have we all forgotten the incidence at Ikeja Military Cantonment that claimed thousands of lives of ordinary Nigerians? The present democratic government in Nigeria is just an unfortunate one controlled by the political opportunists and political juggernauts, who paraded themselves as “messiah” Nigerians need.

Besides, I strongly believe that the present politicians in the political arena in Nigeria are the kind that harbours undue animosity against their fellow Nigerians and therefore do needless damage to national unity. It’s quite unfortunate that Nigeria governments accommodate bunch of criminals, corrupt leaders, crooks etc, who would nail integrity on the cross of cheap populism by condemning other politicians – posting themselves as the “angels”.



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Writer Profile
Adeyemi Adisa

When I examine myself, I see writing as the only way to express my thoughts and have been wasting no time, however little, in ensuring that I express myself. This is an inspirational thought, potentially instilled in each and everyone of us, but the ways we express ourselves is the difference. I hope to meaningfully make use of most of my time and positively share my thoughts with others. You can check out my site (www.yemmmmy.co.nr) for more of my articles and poems.

We should all get ready.
Ndukwe Ogba Onuoha | Jun 8th, 2004
It is true, all that has been said. However, the future, and even this moment awaits us to show that we are different. We must be! Visit www.freewebs.com/nigerianalliance and lend your voice to Nigerian youths who want to change Nigeria. Go on, join the revolution!

Adeyemi you are son of the soil
Fasoranti Oluseyi Taiwo | Mar 4th, 2005
I like your trumpet, continue blowing it, and be a good ambassador to Nigeria.... Taiwo

baba ali hadejia | Apr 27th, 2005

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