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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
World of Tech Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Scytheblade, Canada Jun 30, 2007
Media , Technology , Globalization   Poetry



The door closes
only person in the room
Nothing stirs, but pads on a board
Clickety clack!
It’s twenty-first century
The centre of man’s inventions
Human invention in the centre
Of attention

Living without a mind
Life without life
Eats up your imagination
Reminding you of-

It leaves you hollow as a soccer ball
Inorganic compounds

Each person secluded in a little box
In another box of a box of a box
Secluded from the outside world
Eyes centred on an electrical outlet of

It never stops
I keep working and working
Beep beep someone’s talking to me
Zeet zeet means I got new emails
Bow wow!! It’s really important
I turn around to see I’ve lost my pen
Look the other way, a phone call
Hello, this is –

Madness!! I can’t take my eyes off
Sucking up a bright screen
Looking, searching, hunt-

Unlike the caveman days
Finding food
Hunting animals
Killing for self-nourishment

Like the caveman days
Hiding in
A cyber cave of too much stuff
Square light as fire
Shining on us and darkness
Keeping us warm and guarded
What thoughts
But killing and killing
Brains turning to mush
Your thoughts run wild as blocks of –

Things stand stationary
Life stands still
It’s black, white and
City of colorful lights
In the blowing wind

who is most superior?
Memory fades, I don’t remember
But you,
Do you know all?
I take a lifetime to learn
Few simple things
I’m compelled
You can talk
Please, a lasting question
Can you –

Life has no meaning!
You live with no reason
Success is made up
There is no end
You can’t get to the top
There is no end
You cannot contend

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diana suhial | Jul 12th, 2007
really i did like ur way in writing,,,in that world we just become as a machine,,we are programmed 2 do our work in the same way every day,,

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