by Janet Wong
Published on: Jun 30, 2007
Type: Poetry

A fogging reality of tragedies
Information bursting from all directions
Electron particles buzzing
Catching our attention
Numbers with tens of zeros following up
What do they mean?

Sent to heaven, they’re gone
The planet is now lighter
it weighs less
More space for us
What does it matter?

Seeing this, but not suggesting
Wouldn’t want to be in their way
Punishment is like redemption
Saying nothing
Of my constant thoughts
Magical solutions continually rolling
No, don’t let it out.

This painful struggle won’t last that long

I could stop it
If only…
I could stop it
Except strapped to my head
Is a bomb
My mumble makes it heartbeat
Cautioning me to silence
A tick tick tick meant a countdown to death
If ever I whisper
A threatening inferno ensues
Its heat holds me down to chains

Keep quiet
But it’s hard

Let slip my audible voice
It explodes
I’m afraid the blast will blow me away
Will it ever calm down?

Half-visible in the background
with no big part to play
Leaders in the spotlight

I don’t decide my fate
Someone else does

As the world remains with a blind spot
I see, but do not suggest
I don’t know if you’ve noticed
But nothing is stopping me
Except a bomb strapped to my head
I’d rather not mention how to solve the world’s problems
Leave you to the dust
I stay in the background
I simply observe, not say anything
Does that mean I don’t care?
Oh no, it troubles me to the core

I worry very much about how people will fare
Better to say nothing than to be punished right?
Or be heroic and stand up for injustice and …
Stand up and not know what you’re talking about

that’s it

You don’t want the world to be a better place?
I’m a spectator of this dramatic play
And the drama
is happening

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