by katie
Published on: Jun 23, 2007
Type: Opinions

I am not sure where to begin. I am not sure if what I say will even make a difference, and if it does, I will not worry about the credit I get, but more so the credit that will benefit the world.
I may be the only one who notices this, but then again I may be the millionth. The world's children are fading away, kids are beginning to disappear behind the vicious walls of child labour, and no one is noticing?

Employing a child in hazardous conditions is worse than employing an adult in hazardous conditions. Do you agree?

Well, it is worse than an adult. For the simple fact that children are smaller, and less strong than what an adult might be. But if you are comparing the safety of a child being in the same (dangerous) work conditions as an adult you know something is seriously wrong. Why should a child be put in dangerous work conditions like an adult?

In places where child labour exists, should children be paid the same as adults?

If the child labour cannot be stopped, and cannot be helped- then a child should, if they're paid, be paid more money than an adult. They give up their education, their family life, their entire childhood experience to work. Some don’t even have a decision whether or not they will work. Some of these children are younger than the age of twelve.
3. Much of the food and drink we consume is produced by child labor in agriculture. What are your thoughts on this?
I realized that I am eating the food that the frail youth of foreign countries make, I am wearing the shirts that the weak fingers of hungry babies have sewn. It makes me sick, it makes me feel like a conceded murderer. No child should be put through suffering so that western countries can live in comfort and style.

These children give up everything. They are not privileged with an education, most cannot read, or write. How is this fair or justified in any way? I would like to see government involved, I would like to see another Craig Kielburger and more involvement in: “Free the Children”. More people need to be aware of the significant impact this has on so many lives.

Stopping child labour and preventing child labour should be an important priority in many Government’s agendas.

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