by Osamuyi Okpame
Published on: Jun 22, 2007
Type: Poetry

How beautiful thou art
You filled my days with laughter
You filled my mornings with glory

How wonderful thou seem
You gave me a name to remember
You took me places I have never been

How happy thou art
You took away my sorrows and pains
You made my life feel complete

How inspirational thou art
You built my mind with wonderful fantasies
You made my dreams run wild

How lovely thou art
You found me when I was no-where
You gave me the courage to move on
when all was lost

If I had to live my life all over again
You would be my first choice no doubt
you made me wish for eternity
when I had no power over it

How lonely I have become
You left me but with promises and tears
You have engraved your image
on the tablets of my heart

Will I ever see you again?
You and I were separated
by conditions beyond our control
Your absence gives me pains inexpressible

If I die tonight
You give me no reason to regret ever loving you
and I take solace in knowing that you loved me
and I loved you too.

Dedicated to the memory of my first love and childhood friend I lost touch with a long time ago.

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