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World Refugee Day: What are we Proud of? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Erick Ochieng Otieno, Kenya Jun 20, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


It is yet another day that the world is commemorating the world refugee day. However one thing still remains clear even after so many years of this day. That is the ever increasing rates of the refugee cases. A greater number of people still flee their homes due to insecurity engulfing the world. What we have failed to as ourselves is whether this should be the case forever, or is there something we ought to have done that we have not done yet.

The ever rising cases of wars have magnified the situation to unimaginable levels. These cases of war are as a result of people with self interest from a cross the divide. We have had numerous cases where people start wars in the pretext of fighting for the rights and democratic processes of humanity, yet the net effect is the unforgivable suffering of the subjects. The question therefore that arises form such incidences is whether the war was even worthy. There are many examples in the Middle East where many say they are fighting for the rights of the people, but if you compare the death rates before the initiations of these wars extremely surpass the logics behind the logics.

Refugee cases have also been rising in these areas as compared to the other parts of the world with war and conflicts. What then should we do to avert these ever rising situations? This question, in my opinion requires sobriety in order that we may have a comprehensive answer to the problems.

I believe that the first step is to go to the history behind these conflicts. It is true that some feel they have the rights to do everything in the name of preserving security, law and order. But what is the essence if the resultant will be more lives than the initial threat of security?

Though most of our current generations don’t know much of the happenings of the 1945, 1967, and the followed cold war era, most understand that the root cause of these conflict were there as far back as the medieval times, but were resurrected and magnified in the periods preceding the second world war. After the colonial occupation of the Middle East and many other areas of the world, things were never the same in many of these parts.

Today, it is very clear that we are treating the symptoms of the insecurity rather than treating and healing the root cause of the chaos that afflicts the world. To go back to the history and understanding why all these problems in the Middle East began and understanding why the Palestinians would opt for the group which to them, they consider the savior while to others is a terrorist group, is the best step forward to bringing peace.

What is happening currently will, instead, bring more problems for the future generations as we do not want to deal with others simply because they are a threat to us. This is a right for anybody; however, thinking pragmatically will require one to understand why a fellow brother or sister will have so many problems with the other?

In understanding this, we shall have started the process of healing the largest wound of the world and thereby playing a role in averting the problems of the rising refugee populations. Compare the cost of DIALOGUE and the cost of HUMAN suffering due to WARS.



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Writer Profile
Erick Ochieng Otieno

I was a student from Egerton University. I pursued a course leading to a BSc in Applied Aquatic Sciences. I believe that through writing, one can relieve a lot from the heart. Inspiration came from hearing and reading. Whoever said that you have to be an old one to communicate issues of policies, did not consider that even a newborn communicates through its own way, "crying". I would like to communicate to the world all my thoughts; However minor they are, I believe they will go a great length to straighten or strengthen a policy or two somewhere and I shall have contributed to the well being of the world. How noble that is, it is for my worthy readers to let me know. So what do you think? Tell me anytime. Bye and have a nice reading.
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