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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
The Cycle Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Tarini Chandak, Canada Jun 16, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Peace is a word that is used too much,
It is said in speeches,
Where politicians talk about love and such.

Love is the topic of pop songs,
It makes movie stars famous,
And sends them fans in throngs.

Throngs of people with no cares,
To whom life is a game,
And the world is a fair.

A fair is organized chaos,
Where children come to play,
Where things are defined by gain and loss.

Loss is a fact of life,
But with every cloud is a silver lining,
It’s all about a risk and taking the dive.

A dive is a jump into water,
To be free on this Earth,
To not take a command or an order.

An order is a demand,
That someone gives you,
It destroys freedom but can be as meaningless as sand.

Sand is a substance as light as air,
It lies in calm deserts,
And blows with no care.

Care is love – which is the key,
Love for all things,
Love is peace.

Peace is what our world needs.
And it all connects.



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Tarini Chandak

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