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No! To New Loan Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Harmono, Indonesia Jun 16, 2007
Human Rights , Globalization   Opinions


The government plan increased the foreign loan just in APBN-P 2007 did not acceptable. As being known, to mend 50% of the budget deficit of Rp. 56.9 trillion of – Rp. 75.87 trillion in APBN-P 2007, the government will use the loan just through the International Development Asistance scheme (IDA), the world Bank. This new loan plan will be negotiated by the government in the annual IMF meeting – the world Bank this April 2007 in the United States.This reality indicate that the government acted dishonest in upholding the autonomy commitment of economics by reducing foreign debt.

In this year the Indonesian government also got the new debt from Japan of Rp. 7.72 trillion for funding of the infrastructure. The liquefaction of the new debt for the Indonesian government in 2007 also came from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) of 200 million USD for the development of the policy.The number of new debts from Japan and this ADB certainly increasingly will accumulate the number of the total Indonesian foreign debt that has reached 128.36 million USD in the third quarter 2007. The Anti the debt coalition Indonesia also recorded, the total Japanese debt commitment to Indonesia that was agreed to up until 2007 numbering Rp322,12 trillion. Till at this time, from 10 ASEAN countries, Indonesia was the biggest country of the loan recipient from the Japanese government. That is reached US$1,22 billion or 52% from the total Loan.

The Anti the debt coalition considered, the policy closed the budget deficit of APBN-P 2007 with the new loan from the world Bank, Japan and ADB pointed out the government still lips service in undertaking the autonomy agenda of economics. It was proven that at this time the government was still making funding of the development from the foreign debt. In fact the condition for the budget of the Country resulting from the burden size of foreign debt payment during 2007 has been very big. The debt was due of Rp 80.88 trillion that must be paid this year, clear will sacrifice the portion of the State budget (APBN) to increase welfare of the people.

Because of that the the Anti debt Coalition said opposed the government plan to finance the budget deficit of APBN-P 2007 through the foreign loan. Including the new loan to finance the Lapindo mud disaster. The Anti debt coalition the also urgent that discussions of APBN-P 2007 by the government and the People's Representative Council more gave priority to the fulfillment of the basic right of the people compared with paying the debt. This matter was it was felt important considering was estimated the increase in the number of unemployments totaling 2.5 million people, will happen the figure poverty that swelled 3.1 million resulting from various natural disasters as well as 1.4 million from 12.9 million age children 13-15 years did not yet enjoy the Secondary School bench during 2007.

Various disasters that happened in Indonesia in the period 2006 that increased the State Budget (APBN) deficit ought to be used by the government to ask for the abolition of the debt and not increased the new debt. In relation to discussions of APBN-P 2007 at this time, the Anti debt Coalition also called on the People's Representative Council to urge the government to seriously strive for the cancellation of all the debt commitment (pledge) from the bilateral creditor and multilateral that was agreed to in the CGI session previous. The abolition of all the debt commitment from this creditor was the step in the continuation after the government dispersed CGI. the following Step, the People's Representative Council must also urge the government to negotiate the reduction in the debt (Hair Cut) and the abolition of the debt (Debt Cancellation) to the creditor on Odious Debt. These efforts must be followed as the concrete shape to bring welfare of the people and autonomy of nation economics.



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Writer Profile

I'm Yuyun Harmono, 24 years old, Outreach Officer Anti Debt Coalition Indonesia
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