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we are not terrorists Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by GREEN PEN, Morocco Jun 13, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


My dear world
I am also human

I am MUSLIM, and like all the Christians and the Jewish, I believe the Resurrection, the Death, the Hell, the Paradise…and I worship GOD-ALLAH
And because I am alive, I prefer life than death, I like music, sports, relationships, money, sex… but I keep myself, and I have my rules, it’s not different from yours and may be the same…
So, why do you think I am TERRORIST? What is your argument?
I think you have already a lot of arguments: ¨EL-QUAIDA¨
But if I say that the Muslims and the Islam are not for you, and at the same time against them, what you will say?!
Look! The global idea of Islam is live in peace, we don’t need to kill the other, and we are not allowed to do that, the QURAN says that if someone killed one person for nothing it’s like he killed all the world, and no one from them want to replace him. So, there is no relation between Islam and Terrorism.
There is another thing, if you learn the history of mankind, you will find that the Terrorism is a phenomenon existing in every era, and before Islam we had terrorism.

Actually, we are Terrorists! We create the Terrorism! To understand that we have ask ourselves this question: what is Terrorism?
I think that the Terrorism is a war of ideas, most of people don’t accept the other cultures, and sometimes they see the people who believe it as crazy and stupid people, and this few people to defend themselves they do strong and wildly reactions full of violence.



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