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Governments are selfish and fabricating: Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Cyril France, Ghana Jun 7, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions



Here on Earth we have weed and lots of it! It's as much a part of this planet as you or I. It's not degenerative such as cocaine and heroin and it's unfortunately not yet fully legalized. Our bodies make THC naturally called endorphins.
Think drinking is legal, yet it does create corruption (Feeds law industry). However weed is not (in most parts of the globe) legal and yet it mellows people out from being corruptive!(Feeds law industry because it's not legal)
Wonder no more why we are expected to pay for, live by and respect our governing ways and yet we are not mandatory educated of them.
Is so our governments can feed off the corruption it helps to create by blinding society into believing there be a need to prepare for corruption that wouldn't exist any where near what it is today if we all were mandatory educated of our governing ways. They know we would no longer tolerate nonsense created to create corruption and feed an industry that will no longer exist as it never should have begun except for lessons to be learned in how to deal with greed by yours truly (The message)!

(If they genuinely wanted to help the globe thrive with a greater international morality/ prosperity with a fraction of corruption there is today, they would make Weed legal and use the money made to help those with a seriously degenerative drug addiction (cocaine crack/ heroin Ecstasy)and mandatory educate all people of the globe of our governing ways to reduce corruption rather than keep things corrupt so their industry can feed off the misery of their citizens it tenaciously helps to create!
Is one sick "blinding" circle and if we are to progress as a globe (whole) in a positive way then don't you (Citizens) believe they should set example that they expect us to follow without setting the example, and actually earn respect of the people? Not force it upon us obviously creates misery = corruption = More feed for their sickly devised industries = proof rite there! (Like we have a choice unless we band together world wide!)Instead they'd factually would rather keep making a huge issue of something so petty so they can have (too many officials than needed cause they create the need themselves at our expense) their vacation pay covered at the expense of their citizens walking into walls on a daily basis.
I'd almost swear Governments are selfish tantrum throwing children that don't care to genuinely help society but keep it corrupt so their selfish individual (click) needs are taken care of by this so called justification to feed an industry that feeds itself by preparing for more corruption it helps to create and at our expense as citizens being expected to respect, live by and pay for these ways without the mandatory education of our governing ways and is obviously for all the wrong reasons! Are we really this that stupid to let this continue People of Earth? I'm confident to say I know we are not as I dedicate much of my time to get through to you!


Mandatory education of our governing ways = Getting rid of all the fluff in our governing ways. For if we all were given the understanding of them, we would have more influence to change them genuinely for the better of our Nations around the globe! Have a lesser need for governing fabrications and focus on industry bettering our lives cause we will have the money when not being wasted on lies :) Less focus on the nonsense in life and more focus on
David Spetch



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Writer Profile
Cyril France

Cyril Nii-Offei France is a Development Management student and the Student Representative Council (SRC) Financial Secretary of Ghana Christian University College (GCUC). Mr. France has been zealous in finding sustainable solutions to local and global maladies. Mr. France had the opportunity to engage in mainstream youth-led development such as attending the West Africa Regional Workshop on Youth in Civic Engagement, sponsored by the World Bank Ghana office and subsequently contributed immensely to the E-Consultation on Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies hosted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with the World Bank Institute.
Mr. France’s audacious and selfless dedication to serve and lead local communities work out their future in a manner that does not compromise the shared benefits for future generations, impelled him to undertake numerous community-based projects with youth-led organizations such as Global Youth Action Network - Ghana, Youth Realities Network, Youth Action Movement, Student World Assembly, among others. Some achievements from this sphere include, Project Coordinator for the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2008, as the National Lead Agency in Ghana. As a key team player Mr. France has worked on several youth-development committee’s and events such as planning committee member responsible for external liaison during the 3dr Annual Student World Assembly, International Convention in Ghana at the University of Ghana, Legon and the 2007 Jubilee Youth Leaders’ Summit at Kumasi.
Mr. Frances’ notable achievements paved the way for his selection to represent his school and country at the 2009 International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, he also gave two separate presentations at the 2008 World Youth Congress in Quebec, Canada, and subsequent he was a Rapporteur for the UN-HABITAT’s 2008 World Urban Youth Forum in Nanjing, China. Being part of these global youth engagements augmented his knowledge in emerging social issues, youth-led development, and sustainable livelihoods.
Presently, Mr. France is the Founder and Executive Coordinator of Youth Path, a youth-led development agency.

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