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Plant a billion tree campaign: What role do the youth have? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Erick Ochieng Otieno, Kenya Jun 3, 2007
Environment , Health , Human Rights   Opinions


Plant a billion tree campaign: What role do the youth have? If there is anything that needed to be said with regards to the issues of restoring the world’s forest cover, which is a crucial aspect of global carbon sink, it has all been said. Many though still wander what needs to be done concerning the issues. It is worth noting that among those who understand what is at stake, have tried to do something to change the situation.

By talking about those who understand about the stakes, I include the youth also. Which leads to the question; what can, we, as the youth do and do we need to achieve at the end of the day? This answer needs careful though as it may have a great impact on the global issues at hand such as the Plant a Billion Tree campaign. The choices that we make, will determine whether we will move forward in terms of restoring our forests or not.

These choices should not be the hardest thing to do. By just looking at other youths involved in the processes of tree planting, we can be in a position to contribute whether actively or passively. Whichever the contributions we make, there will be some impact made. And as the saying goes, it is the smallest thing that one does out of free will that makes a difference rather than the giant step one makes when forced to do so.

There are many youth all over the world who try to make a difference and all they need is even moral support to fine energy to contribute the next day. This support may not be only the financial support but rather the spreading of the word of what they do. This can be done in so many ways, for instance, if you tell someone, “Thank you” you shall have inspired him or her to do more. By sharing one or two ideas on how you feel the event is improving, you shall have motivated others to do more.

How then do we make sure that as the youth, we are motivated, inspired, informed and involved? It is essential that as TIG members, we know many youth projects that deal with the environment. One such project is the “Youth for Plant a Billion Trees Dream”. It is a project aimed at enhancing the process of the Plant a Billion Tree campaign which is running globally.

With such projects and groups among others, we as the youth will play a key role when it comes to assisting in the Planting of a Billion Trees as pledged by the international community under the watchful eyes of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). A clear case of success can be observed by the Egerton Young Greens, which is a new movement at Egerton University which includes almost all the clubs within Egerton University to attend to such events as tree planting among others. It has been our dream that we come together as a University community to get solutions for various pressing issues that are of great international importance.

As part of the future leaders, we believe that we hold the key to the solutions of these problems that are of concern to the world, one of which is the campaign. As a role model to other youths all over the world, we therefore hope that other youths will take it upon themselves and show case what they have done towards planting a billion tree campaigns. Egerton University can be proud of planting a surprising 50,000 trees and more are in the program. Some of the holes have been dug in various farms around the college who have promised they will take care of the trees under the watchful eyes of the University, while some have been planted in schools, and the fields within the University. The plan is the revert the Eastern Mau Escarpment, where the University is located, to its former glory where there was rainfall every year without prolonged dry spells as is the case today.



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Writer Profile
Erick Ochieng Otieno

I was a student from Egerton University. I pursued a course leading to a BSc in Applied Aquatic Sciences. I believe that through writing, one can relieve a lot from the heart. Inspiration came from hearing and reading. Whoever said that you have to be an old one to communicate issues of policies, did not consider that even a newborn communicates through its own way, "crying". I would like to communicate to the world all my thoughts; However minor they are, I believe they will go a great length to straighten or strengthen a policy or two somewhere and I shall have contributed to the well being of the world. How noble that is, it is for my worthy readers to let me know. So what do you think? Tell me anytime. Bye and have a nice reading.
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