Published on: May 23, 2007
Type: Opinions

Nature was created in a perfect balance. Each magnanimous power has their compliment. Like Yin and Yang, holly and nasty, earth and fire, wind and water. Human has a functional role as a part of the nature and as a component to unified the nature. Human itself was also created in balance. Men appear as a symbol of strength and magnanimous power, while women as the balancing part, and appear as an oasis of earth, life and humanity.
In medieval time, woman was not only considered as a compliment, but also as holly creatures. Woman’s ability in reproduction, which enable the continuous of life, was really be respected. It’s quite understandable, why the main religion, paganism, consider women as equal to God.
The early symbol to differ man and woman was really determinate the difference of sex and its original function. Man was positioned as sword to protect human life. While, women are symbolize by an open curve, reflecting the holly oviduct, while men are symbolized by down curve (^), reflecting their origin to protect women.
As the population of human and world-mass technology raised, the basic form of life also evolute. The world has become upside down fast, as men realize that their power can handle the world under their feet. Women become a black listed part of nature. Common superstitions even believe that women are cursed to have such pain when delivering baby. Woman was considered as only a compliment in human’s life with no benefits. Hence, woman positioned only as slave with no rights to study and even to be alive.
The history never stops rolling. Women have passed their most disrespected phase of life. Those disrespected conditions motivated woman to pass the most disrespected phase of life, and power women to become more outspoken, active and productive. In this newest century, women has raised their position again, balanced their status with men. The tendency even shows that women will be more successful than men.
Will the life return to the medieval history, as women are equal and respected? The world and nature of its own will show the future.

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