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Only like yesterday Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Osamuyi Okpame, Nigeria May 20, 2007
Health   Poetry


Your absence seems only like yesterday
Though it’s many days gone-by
Your presence is felt around me
Though you are gone for all eternity!

Your kindness shines in me
Though you can not give me back what is gone
Your gentleness glorifies my day
Though you were as tough in character and personality

Your inspiration drives me to achieve
Though you were as lucky as luck can be
Your companionship feels like a crowd
Though it was just you and me

Your behavior annoys me sometimes
Though I always look forward to seeing you each day
You never gave me much
Though you gave me all I could ever need

You lived with us for a long time
Though you left us all too soon
You belong to a better place now
Though we had our own home made for you

We loved you so much!
Though God loved you even more!!
We wished to keep you forever
Though heaven’s voice was stronger than ours
You answered heaven’s call
Though you left us without saying goodbye

May your blessed memory
Give us the companionship and love we miss
Dry our tears and replace it with smiles

(Composed and written in loving memory of My late GrandMother,
Madam Comfort Osuri Okpame, who passed away on 25th of March 2007.)

Adieu mamma!



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Writer Profile
Osamuyi Okpame

I enjoy both reading and writing, and a quote that serves as inspiration to me is: "Sometimes the difficulties we face, could be our greatest asset in life."
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