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If Only… The clarion call Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by David Habba, Nigeria May 14, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


If only Nigerian youths recognized their position in the polity
If only we know our relevance to the development of our nation
If only we begin thinking towards national development
Giving up greed and personal gratification
Recognizing that a thriving country is a function of thriving citizens

We are the catalyst that Nigerian needs
To bring about the accelerated reaction
That Nigeria needs yet seeks for in foreign Laboratories
It is undeniable, the future is ours
We either make it or mar it
What we do today we would be held accountable for tomorrow
Generations will not forgive us

Until we shun political sycophancy
Stop aiding and abetting the rigging and disruption of the electoral process
Until we know that we form the greater part of the Nigerian population
Until choose to stand for the truth and not necessarily the popular way
Till then our dream Nigeria may never be a reality

The Elections have come and gone
The candidate, not those we choose I believe
we did cast our votes, yet to count it did not,
Our education, employment and health and indeed our future
Before our very eyes is been daily ravaged
And to complaining now is like folly and vain cry
Yet should we end and stop, No we would not
Until be crush to pieces that with stands in our way of progress
It’s our future, our hope, get up and heed the call

Oh how I cry, weep, pray
Hope and wish
Expecting that one day, one day
We would get there, yes we would
But faster we would arrive
And our journey made easier
More interesting and cheaper
if only all Nigerian youths think like me.

David Habba



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David Habba

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David Habba | May 29th, 2007
i think i got to talk about this struff, after reading again, i see flaws like i always will, but the basic thing, i have something in my mind that i like to convey to other young Nigerias, i may not have done it in the most professional way but that just because am not trained to do it, yet i know i have passed across a message worth passing. Shalom!

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