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Tolerance in our life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Guzal Mustafina, Uzbekistan May 3, 2007
Health , Education , Media   Opinions


Tolerance, a kind of relations between people, animals and all living on our planet is the most important for human personality. We have to develop tolerance because in our country lots of people of different nationalities, religions and beliefs live together. We must respect each other. But nowadays people become more aggressive and intolerant to everyone, who needs our help. I mean people who have incurable diseases. People with HIV/AIDS feel themselves rejected from their community. Though their illness might be a result of a tragic incident or fault.
Let me tell you one sad story about Anvar K., a young, cheerful man, who was dishonored by doctors’ diagnosis. This situation was an awful shame for him. Everyone leaved him: friends, schoolmates, neighbors.
Always they found a reason not to talk to him. That’s why he stopped to communicate with his friends. Determination in life - the main thing that he felt in that moment.
He was absolutely alone. The fear of death added to contempt, indifference and condemnation of people. It was worse than illness for such an openhearted guy as Anvar was.
Why could such situation happen?
N.S, a doctor, answered, “Because of the fear to be infected , because of lack of enlightenment . Even today people living in rural places don’t know much about HIV/AIDS, that’s why they’re scared of communication with HIV infected people, avoid them.”
K.L., a student from secondary school expressed his attitude to HIV infected people,
“I am sure that we have to send all HIV- infected people on uninhibited island. How leprous people are send to leprosarium. Such people must be separated from us, normal people. Of course they have their right to live, but why we should suffer because of them, and live in danger of infection? ”
Today he’s living his last days of his life. But we still can help him to save his belief into people. Just talk to him cause HIV don’t go from a person to person by a simple contact . People could save his life - just talking with him, having a cup of tea together , discussing different actual problems about our favorite sports, school, friends. Probably than he will save his believe in kindness , humanity , selflessness.
If you don’t meet people with incurable diseases, you even cannot imagine how painful it is, what they feel and how hard their lives are. The accident with Anvar was a real shock for me. We could make his last days not so hard and horrible. It was so simple. To my mind our life must be built on laws, where the first place is for tolerance and compassion to all people- ugly or beautiful, clever or silly, healthy or ill.



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Guzal Mustafina

Could you delete the article "Tolerance in my life"? It is not mine. I am sorry.

It is not Guzal's article.
Yaroslav Ovcharenko | May 5th, 2007
I am Yaroslav Ovcharenko and it is my article. Gusal is my freiend and she posted her article from the same computer like me. It is a mistake.

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