by Lize-Leandra Ehlers
Published on: May 2, 2007
Type: Poetry

The eradication of poverty starts with a definition
No misunderstanding,
No misinterpretation
Reality, just listen, there dies another little one.

Poverty is not: “Meme, outere 50 sent?"
It is not chosen
It is not self-inflicted.

Plastered are the streets with marginalized,
Clueless inhabitants who seek less misery
In groups they identify as ill - wisdomed wanderers
I reiterate: The rich are rich because they are enabled with education
And plans
The poor are poor because, their options are misery and death

Wealth versus Worthlessness
Rich versus Rags
Passed capacity filled stomachs versus hunger pains

Immeasurable unfairness

Poor is the little girl, sitting on the third world earth
Respiring at the second pre death rate, the photographer 1 meter away,
Knowing death is her only option,
The neighbouring vulture smelling her stink
Her ribs piercing out my vision

Lord hear us
As I pray,

In concern, poverty, cruel poverty
Bless the skies with water to rain us fruitful
Bless the ground with nutrients to bear production
Bless the people with essence to care and share with their neighbours
It is the only answer.

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