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How Technology Has Been Creating Awareness to our Societies Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Awosusi Oluwatope, Nigeria May 1, 2007
Education , Technology   Opinions


One can't argue the fact that science and technology has helped us so much in our daily activities . Gone are the days when we spend hours reading without the aid of science and technology.
I am presently a teacher and a student and I like spending my time learning . I have developed various ways of learning for myself but I have discovered that pupils, students and people general who learn with advance modern technology usually learn faster and do better than those who spend hours reading printed materials.
I take myself as an example I have been learning animation and modeling with the help of a computer which has access to Internet connection . Animation and modeling are still new to Africans. I wouldn't have been able to learn effectively without science and technology. Today, I am a member of most top 3d web sites and I easily get online help if I encounter any problem when learning. I have not made any penny from learning those things but I have been sharing my works with most of the web sites that I am a member. I am proud to say that - I am not just a teacher but an animator and 3d artist. Kindly browse through my profile to see some of my works.
With the experience that I have gotten as a teacher I have discovered that students and pupils do not spend much time reading any longer . Within me, I am not doubting that the standard of education has fallen in all part of the world. They are many reasons for this.
We make our societies more and more attractive everyday with the help of science and technology. That is a good idea but we must train the young ones to make good use of all these new innovations so that they can grow up to be better citizens of their countries.
Combination of ENACTIVE LEVEL and INCONIC LEVEL will help in producing good results in our primary schools and secondary schools. Let me shear more light about these two learning experiences:
ENACTIVE LEVEL: These are direct experience through observation . This is a situation in which a child manipulates materials directly. He or she is actively involved in the learning process. Learning experiences at this level are: direct purposeful experiences', contrived experiences, dramatized experiences, demonstration, field trips and exhibits
ICONIC LEVEL: At this level the child deals with mental images of objects. This means that the he or she is expected to have developed some experiences related to the concept to be taught. Learning experiences at this level are acquired through: television, motion pictures, animation, recording, radio and still pictures.
Emphasis should be laid on ICONIC LEVEL because when pupils and students see and hear (audio-visual) about what they are learning ;this makes learning to be permanent and stay in their long term memories.
Many schools have taken the advantage of Internet which will really help them to make research in different fields. This has also helped African scientists to know more about latest development in their fields.
Foreign investors have been coming to African continent so that Africans can enjoy some advance technology. Communication companies in African countries have been increasing the level of awareness and have been creating jobs for large population of Africans.
Creating awareness with science and technology is a project that every individual must face with seriousness. We should also educate our young ones about new development so that they will not be far away from light.
Finally, our generation has created forum for every individual to attain information in all fields; we can do better if we reach out to those who are not privileged to these new innovations.



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Awosusi Oluwatope

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