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The vanguards of tomorrow Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pedus, Australia May 1, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


The Vanguards of Tomorrow

As there is no today without a yesterday
No tomorrow without a today
No future without a past
And no past without a present
This is the ‘world ‘of our youth
The vanguards of tomorrow

When our yesterday was marred by strife
Our today ravaged by bitterness and rancour
Then our past has made no progress into the present
And our present has no hope for the future
This is the ‘world’ of our youth
The vanguards of tomorrow

There is no food to eat
No money in the pocket
No job in the horizon
No bed to lay our heads
This is the ‘world’ of our youth
The vanguards of tomorrow

The politicians have raped democracy
Their word is never their bond
Millions have been looted
With allies and cronies
Into accounts overseas
There is no hope for the future
There is no hope for the youth
This is the ‘world’ of the youth
The vanguards of tomorrow

Yet we strive in faith and hope
Hoping tomorrow will be a better day
But our silence has reached a breaking point
Endurance has limit
Arise! Arise! Arise!
The vanguards of tomorrow
If we fail today, a tomorrow will never be!



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Writer Profile

I was born in Nigeria and was educated in Nigeria, USA and Australia. I am the founder and president of Christina-Mae Recruitment Consortium Australia and the author of the book "When Things Go Wrong: Concepts of Change". I am also the co-founder of Child Aid Survival and Development International (CASDI). As a freelance journalist, I have contributed to a number of professional journals and newspapers, as well as worked in a number of e-journalism projects. I have traveled extensively and currently call Australia and the USA home with extensive involvement in African Human Rights issues.
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