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What is Fortune! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dereje Amera, Ethiopia Apr 29, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


In the World of Knowledge
Ignorance becomes fortune
Where some wants more respect from us
Using the stick of obedience to oppress
In the World where thinking is considered as sin
Who wants to stay there, unless Justice is seen

Showing fake faces in front
Where back is a poison
Killing one's passion in unknown motive
Who is submissive to this direction not clear

For there is light, which is clear
none can deceive, and cannot lie
Torching light we all have to guide us
We know the path, we can go there

Fortune is here, to know the Path
To die for the Glory of God in any where
Respecting others as who they are
To love humankind is the Ultimate Fate!!



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Writer Profile
Dereje Amera

Writing is a powerful instrument to promote one's ideology, so as to transform and galvanize the whole of humanity to have a better perspective about this world.

Words are just combinations of letters, but the power they exert in every human frame is still a mystery to all.

Writing uses these mysterious forces of words as a tool to introduce, induce and create vibrations in society, which do have an influence on every aspect of our life as human beings.

May the power of WORDS prevail over all!!
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